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Mar 17, 2016

An android lib for enhancing BottomNavigationView.

Dec 4, 2016

A Skeleton Android Project for developers to use as a template in order to speed up building a interview test from scratch.

Feb 28, 2017

Stream API from Java 8 rewrited on iterators for Java 7 and below.


  • Functional interfaces;
  • Stream (without parallel processing);
  • Optional class;
  • Objects from Java 7.
Jul 23, 2015

Animation of liquid loading button.

Jun 28, 2016

SimplerRecyclerViewAdapter used to simplify the adapter structure for RecyclerView.


  • Easy to use
  • No need to create adapter (Separate java files)
  • Works with multiple view types.
  • View holders are inside Activity or Fragment, so easily call methods of activity on row click.
Feb 24, 2017

Shuttle is an open source, local music player for Android.

Feb 28, 2017

This library allows to use Material steppers inside Android applications.

Jan 23, 2017

A place autocomplete search dialog which uses Google's places API for finding results.

Sep 20, 2016

Android application compatible with ZX2C4's Pass command line application.

Dec 13, 2014

A Material Design ViewPager easy to use library.

May 2, 2015

Twidere is a powerful twitter client for Android 4.0+, which gives you a full Material experience and nearly complete (and even better) Twitter feature.

Sep 7, 2015

Unofficial Android REST Client for 9GAG.

Aug 26, 2014

Easily upload files in the background with automatic Android Notification Center progress indication.

Jul 19, 2015

A tool that helps signing and zip aligning single or multiple Android application packages (APKs) with either debug or provided release certificates. It supports v1 and v2 Android signing scheme has embedded a debug keystore and auto verifies after signing.

Jan 29, 2017

REST API mocking for Android made easy.

Apr 22, 2016

Android layout to show most common state templates like loading, empty, error etc. To do that all you need to is wrap the target area(view) with StatefulLayout.

Feb 20, 2017
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A Job Queue specifically written for Android to easily schedule jobs (tasks) that run in the background, improving UX and application stability.

Aug 23, 2016

"Recovery" can help you to automatically handle application crash in runtime.

Sep 17, 2016

A from-scratch, re-implementation of RxAndroid with a consistent, opinionated API.

May 23, 2015

CircleMenu is a simple, elegant menu with a circular layout.

Feb 26, 2017

Windows Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) for Android.

Jul 5, 2014

Gradle Script Kotlin provides support for writing Gradle build scripts using JetBrains' Kotlin language. It aims to provide Gradle users with a rich, flexible and statically-typed approach to developing build logic in conjunction with the best IDE and tooling experience possible.

Jan 7, 2017

A gradle plugin that helps developer migrate to code with Android Studio + Gradle, but build && install with buck.

Oct 4, 2015

Android button with loading animation.

Oct 27, 2016

A repository to show how to use some of gradle features.

Here we have some samples and gradle files to be used to help you to automate some tasks for your project.

Oct 11, 2016

Customisable menu that could have from 1 to 10 (and more) buttons. Colors, radius, pictograms - everything can be changed. It suits more for center oriented interfaces and screens. For example by tapping on profile avatar you can open additional functions like Edit, Change Photo etc.

Nov 8, 2016

Helium is a DSL for REST API specifications and also a Java API for processing descriptions written in this language. The main goal of this project is to create a single source of truth about some REST API. Taking a spec as an input, Helium generates a lot of useful staff that can be used to rapidly develop REST clients.

Jul 16, 2015

WhirlyGlobe-Maply is a toolkit with two parts, hence the dash. The WhirlyGlobe part is an interactive 3D globe. The Maply part is an interactive 2D map. There are separate view controllers (on iOS) for each, but otherwise they share 95% of their code.

Dec 13, 2014

Views and Drawable for animated GIFs in Android.

Bundled GIFLib via JNI is used to render frames. This way should be more efficient than WebView or Movie classes.
Animation starts automatically and run only if View with attached GifDrawable is visible.

Nov 20, 2014