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A simple view pager indicator.


  • Mutiple slider style supported.
  • Mutiple slide mode supported.
  • Support ViewPager and ViewPager2.
Apr 6, 2020

AppLocale is a android library to update the app language dynamically.

Apr 5, 2020

Currently playing content using exoPlayer for newbies can be quite problematic since there is no suitable guide to perform the process and the example project is quite dense. If you want to skip all the technical part of ExoPlayer and go straight to the point this wrapper will be helpful.

Currently with this wrapper you can play the following contents:

  • HLS (Without DRM)
  • SmoothStreaming (Without DRM)
  • DASH (Without DRM)
  • DASH (With DRM)
Apr 4, 2020

PowerPermission is a library to simplify process of demanding RuntimePermission

Apr 4, 2020

LiveData notification when keyboard opens or closes, plus some handy extension functions.

Apr 3, 2020

UI driven state machine for Android & JVM that will exterminate your bugs.

Apr 1, 2020

DesignerToast is a simple toasts library.

Mar 29, 2020

DragView is a library that simplifies building Player's zoom in and out effects

Mar 29, 2020

This highly customisable library animates your text like its being handwritten.

Mar 29, 2020

CustomDateTimePicker is a simple Android library for displaying a DateAndTimePicker with From and To ranges as a CustomDateTimePicker. This custom picker allow user to pick both date and time in same dialog at same time.

Mar 29, 2020

The Easiest and Laziest approach to Android SQL Database

Mar 29, 2020

Corona Tracker is an Android application which shows worldwide data of confirmed cases, recovered cases and death cases. You can also get country-wise data. The data is provided by astsiatsko.

Corona Tracker is written in Kotlin and makes use of KTX, Coroutines, Dagger2, Retrofit and MVVM.

Mar 28, 2020

A library for creating blur effects under Android UI elements.

Mar 28, 2020

👨‍✈️⛵ multi-module navigation on Android has never been so easier!

Mar 28, 2020

Youtube-dl-android is just another java Android library wrapper for youtube-dl executable. Use this library to download videos from youtube-dl supported sites in android apps.


  • Download binaries on the go. This help to reduce apk size.
  • Always up to date version youtube-dl for use.
  • Easy to use
  • Supports FFmpeg for file conversion in youtube-dl.
  • Custom youtube-dl options are supported.
Mar 27, 2020

Handy, lexible and lightning-fast material color picking UI components for Android.


  • Clean, easy-to-use components and API
  • High performance
  • Material styling in mind
  • Standard Android SDK view family
  • Wide color models support
  • Tooling and utilities
  • Alpha channel support
  • Cutting edge tech stack
  • Active development and support

Mar 25, 2020

Android webSocket client for WebSocket Socket Server implemented using Ratchet (

Mar 24, 2020

Add gradient color to your TextView

Mar 24, 2020

This library helps to scan a document like CamScanner. And with new version you can create your own activity with your own layout!

Mar 23, 2020
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Validator box library that can inspect any type of form, provides multiple validation functions with an inclusion of clearing views(❁´◡`❁) It would help developers to get two different functionalities i.e validate and clear.

  • Get started from validation, this library provides multiple functionality having 10+ validate functions. The user have an authority to validate whole form or even single view, procedure is described below. The view includes: Edittext, RadioGroup, Checkbox (include Multi checklist), Spinner
  • Secondly, it also provides multiple functions to clear whole form views or single view that are filled. The clearing functionality is work for all above described views including Switch (Toggle)
Mar 23, 2020

This example developed to help developer to understand Instagram login xml with keyboard soft implementation.

Mar 23, 2020

A custom progress dialog library written in Kotlin.

Types of Progress Bar

  • BARS
  • BALL
  • CUBE
Mar 23, 2020

A lightweight library which simplifies creating RecyclerView adapters and illuminates writing boilerplate code.

Mar 23, 2020

An android asynchronous preview of a webpage from its link.

Mar 22, 2020

CustomEditTextOulinedBorder is a small kotlin library for android to support outlined (stroked) text in EditText widgets same as Material Design Outlined Box but without Floating Label.

The actual features are:

  • Outlined text fields with a label which have custom-built text, color, errorColor and backgroundColor.
  • Outlined box border has customizable color and errorColor.
  • EditText with custom-made backgroundColor, hint text, max-min line, max length.
  • Error color customized with error enabled or not.
Mar 22, 2020

Social Media Sign-up is a simple android library that makes the sign up integration with the most famous social media platforms more powerful and easier than you could imagine.

Mar 22, 2020

A reactive client for Google Directions API.

Mar 22, 2020

A simple layout to display different screen of state, like loading, error, empty etc.

Mar 22, 2020

A Gradle plugin that helps keep your module graph healthy and lean.

This plugin allows you to define rules on your dependency graph. If any new dependency violates these rules, the build will fail and notify the one who tries to add undesired dependency.

Mar 22, 2020

Implement pagination in a few steps with RxPagination

Mar 22, 2020