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Correct, reproducible, and fast builds for everyone.

Jul 30, 2016

Check marshmellow permission easily.

Jul 19, 2016

Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, if it is shared with some third party and how it's transmitted over the Internet.

Nov 23, 2015

A simple terminal view for old-school rogue-like games.

Aug 22, 2017

KotlinPoet is a Kotlin and Java API for generating .kt source files.

Source file generation can be useful when doing things such as annotation processing or interacting with metadata files (e.g., database schemas, protocol formats). By generating code, you eliminate the need to write boilerplate while also keeping a single source of truth for the metadata.

May 18, 2017

A library that uses google's mobile vision api and simplify the QR code reading process.

Apr 24, 2016

GraphHopper is a fast and memory efficient Java road routing engine. By default it uses OpenStreetMap data, but can import other data sources.

Aug 12, 2015

A simple customizable loading spinner view. Simply create a view and attach it to the root view of the activity or any preferred viewgroup view. Also supports a customizable loading failed view with a retry button.

Aug 22, 2017

Android Library for Setting a View via Fluent Interface.

Jan 26, 2016

A collection of source code generators for Java.


  • AutoFactory - JSR-330-compatible factories
  • AutoService - Provider-configuration files for ServiceLoader
  • AutoValue - Immutable value-type code generation for Java 1.6+.
  • Common - Helper utilities for writing annotation processors.
Aug 14, 2015

Gradle script that allows you to merge and embed dependencies in generted aar file.

Dec 5, 2015

A library for animating images with continuous scrolling effects.

Aug 22, 2017

The Duktape embeddable Javascript engine packaged for Android.

Sep 22, 2015

A library to help android developer working easly with activities and fragments

Jun 22, 2017

Faker provides fake data to your Android apps. Now it's very handy to make screenshots of your apps without worrying with Google Play copyright infringments. Faker helps you to populate your views with random data quickly and painlessly.

Jun 24, 2015

An Android Library for allowing devices manage Wi-Fi Networks.

Mar 28, 2017

Android multi-task file download engine.

Dec 29, 2015

FlatBuffers is a serialization library for games and other memory constrained apps.

Jun 29, 2015

RxAndroidBle is a powerful painkiller for Android's Bluetooth Low Energy headaches. It is backed by RxJava, implementing complicated APIs as handy reactive observables.

Mar 30, 2016

Open Source framework for building cross-platform truly native iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps using JavaScript.

Jun 17, 2015

VirtualApp is an open platform for Android that allows you to create a Virtual Space, you can install and run apk inside. Beyond that, VirtualApp is also a Plugin Framework.

Jul 8, 2016

A simple ImageView which scales the width or height aspect with the given ratio.

Aug 19, 2017

This library lets you to create badged tabs (TabLayout) in android activity. It will add small circled badges to the tab layout. Very useful if your tabs have dynamic content change (chats, search results etc.)

Aug 21, 2017

A library that gives you access to the powerful Parse cloud platform from your Android app. For more information Parse and its features.

Aug 14, 2015

Grav is a library for android which allow you to make multiple animations based on points

Apr 6, 2017

Separating data and state handling from Fragments or Activities without lots of boilerplate-code. Reducing them to simple dumb views.

Feb 20, 2015

Android library build on top of retrofit, for simple handling of authenticated requests.

Jul 26, 2015

This library follows Google Material guideline for Android Developers.

Apr 10, 2017

RxJava2 based caching mechanism. Simple to use yet very powerful.

Key features:

  • Save preferences using annotations.
  • Customizable
  • Fast
  • Reliable
May 27, 2017

Statically typed programming language targeting the JVM and JavaScript.

100% interoperable with Java™

Jan 27, 2015