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Gradle plugin for Spoon 2+ and Android Gradle Plugin 3+.

Dec 21, 2017

A Gradle plugin to report the number of method references in your APK on every build.

Jun 5, 2015

Static code analysis for Java and Groovy projects using Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs and CodeNarc. Plugin implements unified console output for all quality plugins which greatly simplifies developer workflow: only console is required for working with violations and makes it feel the same as java compiler errors.

Dec 24, 2017

Mkdocs documentation generation and publishing plugin.

Dec 23, 2017

Gradle AnimalSniffer plugin for Java or groovy projects. AnimalSniffer used to check compatibility with lower java version (when compiling with newer java) or android (sdk version).

Dec 23, 2017

Support multiple screen sizes easily by scaling your dimensions.

Apr 19, 2022

In the spirit of the Maven Versions Plugin, Gradle Versions Plugin provides a task to determine which dependencies have updates.

Jan 26, 2015

This plugin provides a task to generate a HTML license report based on the configuration. (eg. licenseDebugReport for all debug dependencies in an Android project).

Applying this to an Android or Java project will generate a the license file (open_source_licenses.html) in the <project>/build/reports/licenses/.

Mar 6, 2017

SQLDelight generates Java models from your SQL CREATE TABLE statements. These models give you a typesafe API to read & write the rows of your tables. It helps you to keep your SQL statements together, organized, and easy to access from Java.

Feb 17, 2016

A gradle plugin that helps developer migrate to code with Android Studio + Gradle, but build && install with buck.

Oct 4, 2015

A Gradle plugin for building Java and Android-based ROS2 projects.

Dec 16, 2016

IconDivvy is a Gradle plugin for scaling high-resolution source images into all the required sizes for various densities and placing them in the corresponding Android resource directories.

Nov 3, 2020

A tool to automate the gathering of profiling and benchmarking information for Gradle builds.

Jan 12, 2017

A set of Gradle plugins to build and use Xtext languages and the Xtend programming language.

Dec 16, 2016

Gradle plugin developed to facilitate screenshot testing for Android.

Sep 9, 2017

Gradle plugin that generates JaCoCo reports from an Android Gradle Project. It goes over every subproject and creates the jacocoReport task. If you want an aggregated report from all subprojects use the jacocoFullReport task.

Jan 5, 2016

Gradle plugin that generates Java Documentation from an Android Gradle project.

Jan 5, 2016

A gradle plugin that automatically adds clock tracking for your components and subcomponents.


DaggerTrack will tell you following type of time for each of your component and subcomponent injection:

  1. Total time: This is the total wall clock time took by the component or subcomponent injection.
  2. On CPU time: CPU time is the time the inject method took working on cpu.
  3. Off CPU time: Off CPU time is the time that inject method took when it was not running on the CPU which means it was doing some I/O work or maybe blocked on some other resource.
Jan 7, 2022

This is a simple download task for Gradle. It displays progress information just as Gradle does when it retrieves an artifact from a repository.

Aug 25, 2016

This plugin configures JavaCompile tasks to use the error-prone compiler.

Aug 1, 2016

screenshot-tests-for-android allows to generate fast deterministic screenshots while running instrumentation tests in android.

Dec 18, 2016

Releasing versions in Gradle is very different from releasing in Maven. Maven came with maven-release-plugin which did all the dirty work. Gradle has no such tool and probably doesn't need it anyway. Evolution of software craft came to the point, when we start thinking about SCM as ultimate source of truth about project version. Version should not be hardcoded in pom.xml or build.gradle.

Jan 25, 2017

A plugin to generate the Android version code and version name automatically.

Jan 19, 2015

A Gradle plugin that creates FindBugs tasks for each variant of android application or library project.

Aug 6, 2016

A simple android gradle plugin to smart split the specified classes to second dex with patterns.

Jul 30, 2016

A Gradle plugin for optimizing png files. It reduces volume of APK file and has support of extreme compression and lossless compression.

Jul 8, 2016

This is a Gradle plugin that will resolve placeholders in your XML strings at build time. There's no need to write any Java or Kotlin code in order to use it, just place your placeholders in string templates and build your project.

Nov 30, 2019

Protobuf Plugin for Gradle.

Jun 5, 2016

Gradle plugin to simplify loading project properties from external environment specific files.

Jun 20, 2015

Gradle plugin to upload your APK and app details to the Google Play Store. Needs the plugin applied. Supports the Android Application Plugin as of version 1.0.0.

Mar 3, 2015