Gradle Github info plugin


1.3.0 (Jun 30, 2021)
Dec 5, 2015
Jun 30, 2021 (Retired)
Vyacheslav Rusakov (xvik)
Vyacheslav Rusakov (xvik)
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Gradle Github info plugin


Plugin generates common github links (like repository, issues, vcs etc) for project and configures common plugins. The main intention is to remove boilerplate and simplify project configuration.


  • Supports plugins:
    • maven-publish configure published pom sections (including license section)
    • plugin-publish configure gradle plugin links
  • Conventional github links may be used directly to configure other plugins manually through github object (e.g.
  • In multi-module project always configures defaults from the root project

You can use it with java-lib plugin to remove more configuration boilerplate for java or groovy library or gradle plugin.

  • Configuration closures: github


buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'ru.vyarus:gradle-github-info-plugin:1.3.0'
apply plugin: 'ru.vyarus.github-info'


plugins {
    id 'ru.vyarus.github-info' version '1.3.0'


Plugin compiled for java 8, compatible with java 11

Should work with any gradle version.


Minimum required configuration:

github {
    user 'test'
    license 'MIT'    

User may be used to define either user or organization (links will be correct for both). github.repository will be set to project name by default (root project name in case of multi-module).

Other license properties may be also required (see below).

All other properties are generated by conventions. You can override any property.

If some required properties are not set validation error will be thrown to prevent incorrect usage.

Using in configurations

All properties may be used in other configurations

github {
    user 'test'
    license 'MIT'

somePlugin {
    vcsUrl github.vcsUrl
    importantFileUrl github.rawFileUrl('IFile.txt')

Available properties

Property Description Default value
user Github user or organization name
repository Github repository name $
license License short name (e.g. 'MIT')
licenseName License full name (e.g. 'The MIT License') may be set by convention (see license section)
licenseUrl Url to license file may be set by convention (see license section)
repositoryUrl Github repository url$user/$repository
issues Url to github issues$user/$repository/issues
site Project website $repositoryUrl
vcsUrl Version control url$user/${repository}
scmConnection SCM connection url scm:git:git://$user/${repository}
changelogFile Path to changelog file, relative to project root, CHANGELOG.txt or CHANGELOG if file found in project root


Plugin contains hardcoded info for most common licenses:

License ID License name
Apache Apache License 2.0
GPLv2 GNU General Public License 2.0
GPLv3 GNU General Public License 3.0
AGPL GNU Affero General Public License 3.0
LGPLv2.1 The GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1
LGPLv3 The GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0
MIT The MIT License
Artistic Artistic License 2.0
EPL Eclipse Public License 1.0
BSD 3-clause The BSD 3-Clause License
MPL Mozilla Public License 2.0

If license property value is one of license id above then licenseName will be set. Otherwise, licenseName must be specified manually.

licenseUrl default:

  • Looks if LICENSE or LICENSE.txt file contained in project root, then url will be$user/$repository/master/LICENSE (or with txt extension accordingly)
  • If license file not found in project, but license matches known license id (table above) then url will be set as link to (see links above)
  • If neither license file found nor license id recognized then url must be set manually

Utility method

github.rawFileUrl(file, branch) method may be used in build script to generate direct (raw) urls to files on github repository.

For example,


Will generate the following url:$user/$repository/master/folder/file.txt

Branch parameter is optional ('master' by default)

Plugins defaults

Plugin recognize some common plugins and apply default values to them (but not overrides user configuration!)


If maven-publish plugin available, then for all defined publications pom will be extended with:



If publish-plugin plugin available, then following defaults will be applied:

pluginBundle {
    website =
    vcsUrl = github.vcsUrl

So you can avoid these properties in pluginBundle configuration in your build file. If you manually specify any of these values it will not be overridden.

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