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Aug 29, 2017
Oct 17, 2018
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Hi, welcome to visit me! I am a plugin for generating Kotlin data class from JSON string, in another word, a plugin that converts JSON string to Kotlin data class (Json to Kotlin)


This is a very cool tool for Kotlin developers, it can convert a JSON string to Kotlin data class. The tool could not only recognize the primitive types but also auto create complex types. It's easily accessible, we provide shortcut keymap ALT + K for Windows and Option + K for Mac, have a try and you'll fall in love with it! JsonToKotlinClass just makes programming more enjoyable, enjoy coding!

Easy Use

Want to generate classes code in inner class model? Do like this.

Want to generate Kotlin data class file directory? Do like this.

Want to generate Kotlin data classes in single file directory? Do like this.


  • Search 'JsonToKotlinClass' in Intellij Idea Plugin Repository Or AndroidStudio Plugin Repository And Install it.

File --> Settings --> Plugins --> Browse Repositories --> Search JsonToKotlinClass

  • Restart your IDE

  • Press ALT + K for Windows or Option + K for Mac or right click on package -> New->Kotlin data clas file from JSON and continue as guided.

Advanced usage

Have a try with the settings dialog 😜


Generate Example

  • Default
data class FD(
 val programmers: List<Programmer>,
 val authors: List<Author>,
 val musicians: List<Musician>

data class Musician(
 val firstName: String, 
 val lastName: String, 
 val instrument: String 

data class Author(
 val firstName: String, 
 val lastName: String, 
 val genre: String 

data class Programmer(
 val firstName: String, 
 val lastName: String, 
 val email: String 
  • Example with gson option on and init with default value option on in settings
data class TestData(
   @SerializedName("ticketInfo") val ticketInfo: TicketInfo = TicketInfo(),
   @SerializedName("trainInfo") val trainInfo: TrainInfo = TrainInfo(),
   @SerializedName("trainScheduleHead") val trainScheduleHead: List<String> = listOf(),
   @SerializedName("extInfo") val extInfo: ExtInfo = ExtInfo(),
   @SerializedName("trainScheduleBody") val trainScheduleBody: List<TrainScheduleBody> = listOf()

data class TrainScheduleBody(
   @SerializedName("mxl") val mxl: Long = 0, 
   @SerializedName("content") val content: List<Int> = listOf()

data class TrainInfo(
   @SerializedName("T110") val t110: T110 = T110()

Build From Source

Want to try out the newest features?

$ git clone https://github.com/wuseal/JsonToKotlinClass
$ cd JsonToKotlinClass
$ ./gradlew buildPlugin

And you're done! Go to directory build/distributions and you'll find JsonToKotlinClass-x.x.zip, which can be installed via Install plugin from disk....

Contribute to This Repo

Find it useful and want to contribute? All sorts of contributions are welcome, including but not limited to:

  • Open an issue here if you find a bug;

  • Help test the EAP version and report bugs:

Go to the "Plugins" settings, click "Browse repositories..." => "Manage repositories..." and click the "+" button to add the EAP channel repository URL "https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/eap/list". Optionally, you can also add the Alpha and Beta channel repository URLs "https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/alpha/list" and "https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/beta/list".

Kindly note that the "EAP" or "Alpha" or "Beta" channel update may be unstable and tend to be buggy, if you want to get back to the stable version, remove the "EAP" or "Alpha" or "Beta" version and reinstall this plugin from the "JetBrains Plugin Repository" channel, which can be filtered by the drop-down menu next to the search input field.

  • Contribute your code:
$ git clone https://github.com/wuseal/JsonToKotlinClass
$ cd JsonToKotlinClass

Open the build.gradle in IntelliJ, open "Gradle" tool window, expand the project view to "JsonToKotlinClass | Tasks | intellij | runIde", right-click and choose "Debug ...", and you're done! Create your PR here!

Chinese Detail Document (中文文档)


  • Any kind of issues are welcome.
  • Pull Requests are highly appreciated.


  • Thank @davidbilik for giving me the first awesome advice.
  • Thank @cgoodroe for opening many awesome issues for me, help me improve myself
  • Thank @wangzhenguang for reminding me of the details of the problem
  • Thank @kezhenxu94 for introducing CI/CD to save me a lot of time :)

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