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Source code

Gradle plugin

This repo is intended to have all my gradle plugins, tasks and any other gradle files.

Here I'll add custom tasks and build examples of how to use then.

The idea was simple, find and provide a way to reuse those tasks without messing up my build.gradle.

This could also be used as a helper to show how to use some of gradle capabilities.

My Gradle Plugins

Here are the links to my other gradle plugins/tasks.

What is in this Repo?

Cexec Task - Custom Execute

This is a simple executor, sometimes the default exec task does not work as expected. I wrote this simple task just to trigger some terminal commands from a gradle task.

It's on another repo to simplify the releases, the link is here. There are few examples about how to use it.


This is just a simple gradle file that can be used to keep some jitpack tasks.

The idea around it is to just import this file, instead of copy the tasks.

apply from: 'jitPack.gradle'
apply from: rootProject.file('jitPack.gradle')
apply from: uri('')

In the code above we have 3 ways to import a gradle file into another.

  1. Apply from relative path.
  2. Apply from root project path.
  3. Apply from a uri, won't work without internet.

I prefer to copy the script into the gradle dir, you will be able to see some projects using this way too.

apply from: rootProject.file('gradle/jitPack.gradle')

Ip Getter

This is a script that I found on internet, with it the app is able to change the API address depending on build type.


To use it you just need to apply the script. Take a look on what we did for [jitpack](## JitPack).

apply from: 'ip.gradle'
apply from: rootProject.file('ip.gradle')
apply from: uri('')

How to use

After the apply you need to use the getApiUrl method. To do so, you need to create a buildConfigField inside your app level gradle file project/app/build.gradle.

apply from: rootProject.file('gradle/ip.gradle')
android {
  defaultConfig {
    buildConfigField "String", "API_URL", '"http://localhost"'
  buildTypes {
    debug {
      buildConfigField "String", "API_URL", "\"${getApiUrl()}\""

More Info

I've added another way to setup this, take a look

Another Way to use and more Examples

I also release this as a gradle plugin, with makes it easy to use.

preBuildSetup - Dynamic Project Properties

Change project properties before build the app.
This sample is intended to be used as a template for the other tasks. With it you will be able to replace some project properties dynamically.

How to use

Just create a new task

task preBuildSetup() {
   description "Setup project with dynamic properties before build the app"
   group 'build'
   doLast {
       android.applicationVariants.all { variant ->
           // if you are planning to have multiple dynamic properties changed here, add a verification for the parameter.
           // if (project.hasProperty("<parameter name>"))
           variant.mergedFlavor.<property> = <parameter name>
   // if you are planning to have multiple dynamic properties remove the `project.hasProperty("versionName") &&` bellow. Just check the android.
   onlyIf { project.hasProperty("versionName") && it.hasProperty("android") }

On the terminal you can type

./gradlew assembleRelease -PversionName=42


I use a similar task to change my version name based on my current pr, with this I can build a pr-release version.

task changeVersionName() {
   description "Change the version name before build the app"
   group 'build'
   doLast {
       android.applicationVariants.all { variant ->
           variant.mergedFlavor.versionName = versionName
           println "Changed the versionName to ${versionName}"
   onlyIf { project.hasProperty("versionName") && it.hasProperty("android") }


This is a simple file to integrate some of git functions in your gradle file. I wrote it to simplify some of the tasks I have to do on the job, on my own projects and even on the OpenSource projects.


apply from: 'git.gradle'
apply from: rootProject.file('git.gradle')
apply from: uri('')

How to use

Right now, I just wrote two tasks.

Last tag in current branch

This method can get the last tag on the current branch. The idea is simple, I can use the tag anywhere in my gradle file, but I wrote it to make my life easier to make my OS releases, since JitPack uses only my repo tag, I made the command gradle install do the same.

group 'com.github.brunodles'
version getLastTagInCurrentBranch()

Current Branch Name

This method can get the current branch name. Can be used anywhere in the gradle file. I wrote it to be used in together with Slackupload, but you can use to add some more informations to your build info, for crash and analytics tools.


You can contribute but showing your custom tasks, or submitting a new task. Issues are welcome, create one and we will discourse about it. If you saw any error, please reports, it will be a great help.


You can use any code you found here, some of then I found on the internet too.

I'm using the MIT Licence, take a look on Licence.

If you're using this plugin, please give me some credits too.



Ip Inject

This one have many sources, I don't remember where I found it at first, it was on 2014. Now we have many articles about it, so I'll link then.


Thanks to Barry, he wrote a sample about how to write a plugin to change the version name.


Read Inputs on Gradle tasks

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