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An OpenCV based library for Android to scan (detect and crop) ID documents or Passports.

Jul 9, 2017

A simple client for the Clarifai image and video recognition API.

Aug 8, 2016

A library that uses technologies like artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to make developers understand the content that they are displaying in their app.

Aug 8, 2016

OpenALPR is an open source Automatic License Plate Recognition library.

Dec 16, 2015

A fork of Tesseract Tools for Android (tesseract-android-tools) that adds some additional functions. Tesseract Tools for Android is a set of Android APIs and build files for the Tesseract OCR and Leptonica image processing libraries.

Jul 5, 2014

An OCR Engine that was developed at HP Labs between 1985 and 1995... and now at Google.

Jul 5, 2014