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A pagination that you can define button, spacer and button number. Always show the first and the last position button.

Jan 23, 2022

Shows Ribbon view example.

Nov 10, 2017

Code Guide: How to create Snapchat-like stickers for Android.

Dec 24, 2016

A vertical slider view for switching to the next fragment page.

Nov 13, 2016

A view which can add sticker and zoom, drag, delete it.

Aug 12, 2016

Android PanelView dashboard.

Aug 11, 2016

An example with floating view.

Aug 7, 2016

This is a stereo view(3D) for Android.

Aug 4, 2016

Exploring possible implementations for better underline text decoration on Android.

Jun 29, 2016

An example with SideBar component.

Jun 27, 2016

Resizable rectangle overlay.

Oct 10, 2015

This project allows to create pretty sticker views.

Sep 26, 2015

This custom view is used to show countdown of time.

Sep 26, 2015

An interactive view with water waves flowing like in a washing machine.

Aug 30, 2015

Sometimes we need to show a label view above a ImageView or others, labelview will help you, let code easy.

Feb 15, 2015