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Aug 17, 2019
Oct 7, 2019
Islam Khaled (IslamKhSh)
Islam Khaled (IslamKhSh)
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Card Slider

This is an amazing card slider for the Android platform with many features and attrs to get exactly what you need.

Demo App

Card Slider components

  1. CardSliderViewPager: A custom ViewPager built on RTL ViewPager to support RTL and uses a page transformer to apply scaling action as shown in GIF.
  2. CardSliderIndicator: Custom LinearLayout that that contain indicators as children views.
  3. CardSliderAdapter: Abstract class that must be extended and passed to CardSliderViewPager as its adapter.


1- Show preview of pages in left and right.

2- Can resize (scale) and change opacity of the pages to make focused page larger and more focused in height as shown in GIF.

3- Can make pages auto swiped after specific time.

4- Full customize the appearance of the the CardView and ViewPager.

5- Add indicator and full customize it easily.

6- Infinite indicators like those in the Instagram app.

7- RTL Support.

Add to project

  1. Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:
allprojects {
  repositories {
   maven { url '' }
  1. Add the dependency:
implementation 'com.github.IslamKhSh:CardSlider:{latest_version}'

Find the latest version here


  1. Add it to your layout:
           app:cardSlider_smallScaleFactor="0.9" //scale factor of height of pages in left and right (1 if no resizing nedded)
           app:cardSlider_otherPagesWidth="24dp" // width of displayed parts of left and right pages
           app:cardSlider_pageMargin="12dp" // margin between pages
           app:cardSlider_cardCornerRadius="5dp" // corner radius of every page
       app:auto_slide_time="3"/>  // auto sliding time in seconds
  1. Extend CardSliderAdapter
class MovieAdapter(movies : ArrayList<Movie>) : CardSliderAdapter<Movie>(movies) {

    override fun bindView(position: Int, itemContentView: View, item: Movie?) {
      //TODO bind item object with item layout view

    override fun getItemContentLayout(position: Int) : Int {
        //TODO return the item layout of every position 
        //This layout will be added as a child of CardView

or using Java

public class MovieAdapter extends CardSliderAdapter<Movie> {
    public MovieAdapter(ArrayList<Movie> movies){
    public void bindView(int position, View itemContentView, Movie item) {
      //TODO bind item object with item layout view

    public int getItemContentLayout(int position) {
        //TODO return the item layout of every position 
        //This layout will be added as a child of CardView
  1. Create item layout to return it in getItemContentLayout

  2. Add adapter to CardSliderViewPager

  val movies = ArrayList<Movie>().apply{
  // add items to arraylist
  findViewById<CardSliderViewPager>( = MoviesAdapter(movies)

or using Java

  ArrayList<Movie> movies = ArrayList<Movie>();
    // add items to arraylist
  CardSliderViewPager cardSliderViewPager = (CardSliderViewPager) findViewById(;

5- To add indicator add it to your layout

     app:indicatorsToShow="5" />

And then bind it with your CardSliderViewPager


Attributes List

1- CardSliderViewPager

Attribute Description Default value
cardSlider_smallScaleFactor The small scale of the next and previous pages. 1 (no resizing)
cardSlider_smallAlphaFactor The small opacity factor of the next and previous pages. 1 (no opacity)
cardSlider_baseShadow The CardView Elevation when selected. 2dp
cardSlider_minShadow The CardView Elevation of next and previous cards. baseShadow * smallScaleFactor
cardSlider_pageMargin The space between two pages. This must be large than baseShadow + minShadow or it will be override. baseShadow + minShadow
cardSlider_otherPagesWidth The width of displayed parts from next and previous cards . 0
cardSlider_cardBackgroundColor The background color of the card. White
cardSlider_cardCornerRadius The corner radius of the card view. 0
cardSlider_indicator The id of CardSliderIndicator to work with this view pager. no indicator
auto_slide_time The time in seconds to auto sliding between pages in it no sliding (STOP_AUTO_SLIDING)

paddingLeft and right will be override with otherPagesWidth + pageMargin

2- CardSliderIndicator

Attribute Description Default value
defaultIndicator The indicator drawable in case of not selected default_dot.xml
selectedIndicator The indicator drawable in case of selected. selected_dot.xml
indicatorMargin The space between indicators the minimum width of defaultIndicator and selectedIndicator
indicatorsToShow The number of indicators to show and others will be hidden like Instagram app -1 (CardSliderIndicator.UNLIMITED_INDICATORS)