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Jul 12, 2016
Jun 13, 2018
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AndroidAppUpdater - Java (Kotlin, Android)

Android Library

Free, open source, third party Android library for notifing update information about installed android apps on android device. Library has built with Kotlin language. Check out the wiki.


AndroidAppUpdater is free, open source, third party Android library for notifing update information to installed android apps on android device. By it's help old application gets notified about update information from Google Play Market. Library has built with Kotlin language on Android Studio IDE and binaries have added to jcenter() maven repository. You can check jCenter() download statistics on this link There is a list of application using AndroidAppUpdater. It would be nice if see your app link there too. If you use this library and want to see your app in the start of the list please inform me or send a pull request.

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Sample App in PlayStore

MAHAndroidUpdater - Sample app has published on Google PlayStore. You can easly test module functionality with downloading it.

Service structure

To provide update information to your app you need to implement service responding json data about application current state. Structure of the json data is as below. You can provide http:// and https:// services. Library works both of them.

Json with sample data. Link to working sample

    "name":"MAHUpdater Sample",
    "update_info":"On version 1.0 we added bla bla",
  • is_run_mode - service mode: if it's false modul will not react to service and will not show dialogs
  • name - name of the belonging app
  • uri_current - current package path
  • version_code_current - current version code avilable
  • version_code_min - Minimum version code, which does not work normal and had to force to update
  • update_info - Update information
  • update_date - Update date

If one of the variables would not be on json, then modul will not repond to service and act, Try to implement all data.

You can check you json validity with this

There is interface called IUpdateInfoResolver by the help of it you can fetch your update information form own structed service. For example JSON API, XML,Raw text and so on. For this reason there is special init() method accepting this variable. This feature has added by @andrewpros.

Library structure

You can call with the same way in Kotlin and Java. Library contains samples both in Kotlin and Java Library components:

  • MAHUpdaterDlg- In this situation dialog show to user to update or install newer version and lets to postpone the action to later time and use application
  • MAHRestricterDlg - In this situation dialog urges user to update or install newer version and dont alow use older version

The porpose of lib to show automatically these dialogs on application start if there are any need for it. - MAHUpdaterDlg opens on following situation.

  • Or uri_current value is different from app's installed package url
  • Or version_code_current value is greater than app's installed version on device

- MAHRestricterDlg opens on all situation MAHUpdaterDlg opens and following situation.

  • version_code_min value is greater than app's installed version on device

But when you develop your apps UI and want to show these dialogs there are test modes also and you can open dialogs by calling methods relatively

  • MAHUpdaterController.testUpdaterDlg(activity) - MAHUpdaterDlg
  • MAHUpdaterController.testRestricterDlg(activity) - MAHRestricterDlg

Installation manual

1) To import library to you project add following lines to project's build.gradle file. The last stable version is 1.1.5

 dependencies {
      compile 'com.mobapphome.library:mah-android-updater:1.1.7'

2) On the start of your application call MAHUpdaterController.init() method to initialize modul. For example: MainActivity's onCreate() method or in splash activity. Check http url is correct and points to your service on the web. Code:


3) When you quit app, you have to call MAHUpdaterController.end() method to finalize modul. For example: MainActivity's onDestroy() method.


4) To customize MAHAndroidUpdater dialog UI and overide colors set these values on your main projects color.xml file

    <color name="mah_android_upd_window_background_color">#FFFFFFFF</color>
    <color name="mah_android_upd_title_bar_color">#FF3F51B5</color>
    <color name="mah_android_upd_info_txt_color">#FF3F51B5</color>

    <color name="mah_android_upd_restricter_dlg_btn_pressed_color">#a33F51B5</color>
    <color name="mah_android_upd_restricter_dlg_btn_dark_state_color">#ff3F51B5</color>
    <color name="mah_android_upd_restricter_dlg_btn_light_state_color">#ffffffff</color>

    <color name="mah_android_upd_upd_dlg_btn_text_color">#ffFF4081</color>   

5) Localization: Following languages is supporting by the lib - Supported Languages. To set localization to app use your own method or if it is static and don't change in program session you can just simply add LocaleUpdater.updateLocale(this, "your_lang"); in the start of your app. For examlpe LocaleUpdater.updateLocale(this, "ru");

6) To customize MAHAndroidUpdater UI texts and overide them add these lines to main projects string.xml and set them values. To help translators there prefixes on the name of strings

  • < command verb (actions)> - These are commands verbs. Meaninaction on UI , dialogs
  • < noun > - these are nouns not action (verb)
    <!-- noun --> <string name="noun_mah_android_upd_dlg_title">Update information</string>
    <!-- Button texts-->
    <string name="mah_android_upd_dlg_btn_no_later_txt">Later</string>
    <!--command verb--> <string name="cmnd_verb_mah_android_upd_dlg_btn_no_close_txt">Close</string>
    <!--command verb--> <string name="cmnd_verb_mah_android_upd_dlg_btn_yes_update_txt">Update</string>
    <!--command verb--> <string name="cmnd_verb_mah_android_upd_dlg_btn_yes_install_txt">Install</string>
    <string name="mah_android_upd_dlg_btn_yes_open_new_txt">Open new version</string>
    <!--command verb--> <string name="cmnd_verb_mah_android_upd_dlg_btn_no_uninstall_old_txt">Uninstall old</string>

    <!-- Info texts-->
    <string name="mah_android_upd_updater_info_install">Application has moved to new address. Please install newer version</string>
    <string name="mah_android_upd_updater_info_update">New version is available. Please update application</string>
    <string name="mah_android_upd_restricter_info_install">This is old version and does not operate. An application has moved to new address. \nPlease install newer version</string>
    <string name="mah_android_upd_restricter_info_update">This is old version and does not operate. Please update application</string>
    <string name="mah_android_upd_restricter_info_open_new_version">This is old version and does not operate. Please open new version</string>

    <!-- Additional information-->
    <string name="mah_android_upd_internet_update_error">Check your internet connection</string>
    <string name="mah_android_upd_play_service_not_found">Install Google Play Services to update application</string>
    <string name="mah_android_upd_info_popup_text">\"MAHAndroidUpdater\" library</string>

7) To customize Info button on the right - upper corner of dialogs. You can do it with help of MAHUpdaterController.init() method. It has three version. init()This method well documented and you can see it when developing your app. You can do followings with Info button:

  • Change visibility
  • Set your own name or url to open when click on info button
  • Open popup menu or act as button when click on info button

8) As modul takes information from web servcie you need add INTERNET permission to main project.

 <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

Proguard configuration

MAHAndroidUpdater uses Gson and Jsoup libs. There for if you want to create your project with proguard you need to add proguard configuration to your proguard file. Look at Progurda File.

Help - Issues

If you have any problem with setting and using library or want to ask question, please let me know. Create issue or write to I will help.

Releases - Upgrade documentation

See releases. Please,read release notes to migrate your app from old version to a newer.

To contribute

I am open to hear offers and opinions from you

  • Fork it
  • Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  • Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')
  • Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  • Create new Pull Request
  • Star it


Library now supports following languages

To contribute for localization

To help translator in context I have added prefixes to the start of the string names. Be carefull when translating. Prefixes are following:* < noun > - these are nouns not action (verb)* < command verb (actions)> - These are commands verbs. Meaninaction on UI , dialogs

We need help to add new language localization support for libarary. If you have any hope to help us we were very happy and you can check following GitHub Issues URL to contribute. To contribute get res/values/string.xml file and translate to newer language. Place it on res/values-"spacific_lang"/string.xml

Applications using MAHAndroidUpdater

Please ping me or send a pull request if you would like to see your app in the start of the list.

Icon Application Icon Application
[Your app] ping me or send a pull request Indian Railway PNRStatus IRCTC
Миллионер - на Pусском Milyoner - Türkçe
Millionaire - in English Məzənnə
MAHAds - Sample MAHAndroidUpdater - Sample
MAHEncryptorLib - Sample Ləzzət
Milyonçu Millionär - Deutsche

Other libraries by developer

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  • - Library for encryption and decryption strings on Android apps and PC Java applications.


Copyright 2017 - Sattar Hummatli

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.