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Aug 18, 2017
Feb 28, 2019 (Retired)
Keval Patel (kevalpatel2106)
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Keval Patel (kevalpatel2106)
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🙌 An advance Emoticons & GIF keyboard. 🙌

EmoticonGIFKeyboard is an easy to integrate, customizable and lightweight library to add support for emojis and GIFs.


  • Highly customizable.
  • Extremely lightweight 🏋. You only have to add the icon packs you want to use by adding extra dependency, so you don't have to add emoticon icons you don't want to use.
  • for Emoticons
    • More than 1400 emoticons. This library includes all the emoticons listed under Emoticons 6.0 standards.
    • 6 emoticons categories.
    • 🔍 Search emoticons by their name or meaning.
    • Add you favourite emoticons icon theme (e.g ios, google, samsung emoticons) by adding readily available 13 different emoticon icon packs.
  • for GIFs
    • Displays trending GIFs for batter suggestion.
    • 🔍 Search GIFs based on the content and meaning.
    • Select your favourite GIF provider (e.g. Giphy, Tenor) by adding available GIF packs.
  • Custom widgets (e.g. EmoticonTextView, EmoticonEditText and EmoticonButton) to render custom emoticon icons throughout application.
  • Easily disable emoticons or GIF functionality if you don't want.

How to import this library?

  • Gradle Dependency:

    • Add below lines to app/build.gradle file of your project.
    dependencies {
        compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticongifkeyboard:1.1'
  • To integrate using maven visit this page.

How to use this EmoticonGIFKeyboard?

  • Prepare emoticons configuration.

    • Create EmoticonConfig to configure emoticons.
    • Set the custom emoticon icon provider using EmoticonConfig#setEmoticonProvider(). If you don't set any icon provider here, library will render system emoticons. You can pic custom emoticon icons from here.
    • Set the EmoticonSelectListener using EmoticonConfig#setEmoticonSelectListener(). This will notify you when user selects any emoticon from list or user preses back button.
    EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment.EmoticonConfig emoticonConfig = new EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment.EmoticonConfig()
              NOTE: The process of removing last character when user preses back space will handle
              by library if your edit text is in focus.
            .setEmoticonSelectListener(new EmoticonSelectListener() {
                public void emoticonSelected(Emoticon emoticon) {
                    //Do something with new emoticon.
                public void onBackSpace() {
                    //Do something here to handle backspace event.
                    //The process of removing last character when user preses back space will handle
                    //by library if your edit text is in focus.
  • Prepare GIF configuration.

    • Set the desired GIF provider by passing desired GIFProvider in constructor GIFConfig(). Here is the list of supported GIF providers. It is required to set GIF provider before adding fragment into container.
    • Implement GIF select listener using GIFConfig#setGifSelectListener(). This will notify you when user selects new GIF.
    //Create GIF config
    EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment.GIFConfig gifConfig = new EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment
              Here we are using GIPHY to provide GIFs. Create Giphy GIF provider by passing your key.
              It is required to set GIF provider before adding fragment into container.
            .GIFConfig(GiphyGifProvider.create(this, "564ce7370bf347f2b7c0e4746593c179"))
            .setGifSelectListener(new GifSelectListener() {
                public void onGifSelected(@NonNull Gif gif) {
                    //Do something with the selected GIF.
                    Log.d(TAG, "onGifSelected: " + gif.getGifUrl());
  • Add EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment.

    • Create new EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment by passing EmoticonConfig and GIFConfig. If you pass null to EmoticonConfig, emoticon functionality will be disabled. Also, if you pass GIFConfig as null, GIF functionality will be disabled.
    • Add the generated fragment to the container.
    EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment emoticonGIFKeyboardFragment = EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment
            .getNewInstance(findViewById(R.id.keyboard_container), emoticonConfig, gifConfig);
    //Adding the keyboard fragment to keyboard_container.
            .replace(R.id.keyboard_container, EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment)
  • Open/Close the keyboard and handle back button press.

    • Open keyboard view by calling EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment#open() and close it by calling EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment#close().
    • Handle back button press events by using EmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment#handleBackPressed() in your activity.
      public void onBackPressed() {
        if (!mEmoticonGIFKeyboardFragment.handleBackPressed())


Emoticons GIFs
Only Emoticons Only GIFs
Search Emoticons Search GIFs

Emoticon icon packs

Icon Emoticon Pack Gradle Dependency Version
Apple compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-ios:<latest>
Android 7.0 compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-android7:<latest>
Android 8.0 compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-android8:<latest>
Samsung compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-samsung:<latest>
HTC compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-htc:<latest>
LG compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-lg:<latest>
Windows 8.1 compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-windows8:<latest>
Windows 10 compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-windows10:<latest>
Twitter compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-twitter:<latest>
Facebook compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-facebook:<latest>
Messenger compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-messenger:<latest>
Emojidex compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-emojidex:<latest>
EmojiOne compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:emoticonpack-emojione:<latest>

GIF Packs

GIF Provider Module Dependency Version
giphy.com Giphy compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:gifpack-giphy:<latest>
tenor.com Tenor compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:gifpack-tenor:<latest>


How to contribute?


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Copyright 2017 Keval Patel

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.