Mar 29, 2017
Apr 3, 2021
Saman Zamani (samanzamani)
Saman Zamani (samanzamani)
Hamidreza Bayat (HrBDev)
Mohammadreza Yektamaram (mohammad1ta)
马歇尔 (NotNotMarshall)
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Persian Date(Jalali)


I'm going to release v0.9 as soon as possible with some bug fixing, so please send any problem or feature request.


This is simple android calender converter for Convert Jalali date to Gregorian date.


dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.samanzamani.persiandate:PersianDate:0.8'

what's new

version 0.8

  • Fix date formatting in year 1989 #29
  • add three new method to get month name in Afghan,Kurdish and Pashto name and from version 0.8 you can use X,C and E to display month name in Afghan,Kurdish and Pashto in PersianDateFormat #28

version 0.7

  • Fix addDate - addYear - addMonth methods #20
  • add new method for calculate month length => getMonthLength

Let's convert some date :)

Step 1

PersianDate pdate = new PersianDate();


PersianDateFormat pdformater = new PersianDateFormat();

More example


  • PersianDate class methods
method description
PersianDate(Long timestamp) make time with timestamp
PersianDate(DATE date) Constractor for make PersianDate object from Date object
setShYear(int year) Set Jalali year
setShMonth(int month) Set Jalali month
setShDay(int day) Set Jalali day
setGrgYear(int year) Set Gregorian year
setGrgMonth(int month) Set Gregorian month
setGrgDay(int day) Set Gregorian day
setHour(int hour) Set hour of day
setMinute(int minute) Set minute of day
setSecond(int second) Set second of day
getShYear() (int) return Jalali year
getShMonth() (int) return Jalali month
getShDay() (int) return Jalali day
getGrgYear() (int) return Gregorian year
getGrgMonth() (int) return Gregorian month
getGrgDay() (int) return Gregorian day
getHour() (int) return hour of day
getMinute() (int) return minute of day
getSecond() (int) return second of day
getTime() (Long) return timestamp
initGrgDate() init date from Gregorian
initJalaliDate() init date from Jalali
isLeap() Check Jalali year is leap (TRUE-FALSE)
grgIsLeap() Check Gregorian year is leap (TRUE-FALSE)
toJalali(int year, int month, int day) Convert Gregorian to Jalali (return int[3])
toGregorian(int year, int month, int day) Convert Jalali to Gregorian (return int[3])
dayOfWeek() 0-6 (0=sat)
getDayInYear() 1-366
dayName() شنبه-جمعه
monthName() فروردین-اسفند
getMonthDays() return month lenght
addDate() add some date to object
after(PersianDate dateInput) Compare 2 date (true=if input date after this)
before(PersianDate dateInput) Compare 2 date (true=if input date before this)
equals(PersianDate dateInput) Compare 2 date (true=if input date equals this)
untilToday() Cal year,month,day until now
getDayuntilToday() Cal day until now
toDate convert to Date object


  • PersianDate class methods for display and parse date
method description
format() (String) Display date
parse(String date,String pattern) (PersianDate) Convert string Jalali date (1396-05-05 & 'YYYY-MM-dd') to Persiandate
parseGrg(String date,String pattern) (PersianDate) Convert string Gregorian date (1396-05-05 & 'YYYY-MM-dd') to Persiandate
format() (String) Display date
  • Item for parse date
String key Role
yyyy Year (1396-2012-...)
MM Month number (12-01-02-...)
dd Day number (21-01-02-...)
HH Hour (21-01-02-...)
mm Minute (21-01-02-...)
ss Second (21-01-02-...)
  • Pattern item for format date
Pattern key Role
l Day name in week (شنبه و ....)
j Day number in month(1-10-20...)
F Month name (فروردین)
Y Year (1396...)
H Hour in day
i Minutes in hour
s Second in minute
d day in month (01-02-21...)
g Hour in day 1-12
n Month of year 1-12
m Month of year 01-12
t number day of month
w day in week 0-6
y year with 2 digits
z Number of days (full) past the year
L Is leap year (0-1)


PersianDate pdate = new PersianDate();
PersianDateFormat pdformater1 = new PersianDateFormat('Y/m/d');

PersianDateFormat pdformater2 = new PersianDateFormat('y F j');
pdformater2.format(pdate);//۱۹ تیر ۹۶