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Jun 19, 2017
Jul 23, 2017 (Retired)
Ahmed Adel (ahmedadeltito)
Ahmed Adel (ahmedadeltito)
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Simple Network Library

Android Simple Network Library for HTTP and Image Requests with cool features implemented with Simple Demo using some Material Design UI Elements.

Most Common Library Features:

  1. Making HTTP Requests with different Request Types like GET, POST, PUT,DELETE and PATCH.
  2. Making HTTP Requests with different Content Types like JSON and XML.
  3. Caching HTTP Request on Memory.
  4. Handling Multiple Requests in a Thread Safe Mechanism.
  5. Making Image Requests Synchronous and Asynchronous with helpful observers to handle most cases.
  6. Caching Image Bitmaps on Memory.
  7. Creating a Test Case for NetworkRequest class using JUnit testing framework.

Most Common Simple Demo Application Features:

  1. Using some Material Design UI Elements like CoordinatorLayout, CardView, AppBarLayout, SwipeRefreshLayout, RecyclerView and Transition.
  2. Handling Pull To Refresh and Load More mechanism.

User Documentation :

  1. For simple integration all you have to do is to add the following command in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:
 allprojects {
  repositories {
   maven { url '' }

and after this, add the Simple Library Network dependency:

 dependencies {
         compile 'com.github.ahmed-adel-said:SimpleNetworkLibrary:-SNAPSHOT'
  1. To initialize HTTP request:
networkRequest = NetworkRequest.getInstance(context)
  // base url
                .baseUrl(String baseUrl)
                // endpoint
                .endpoint(String endpoint)
                // request types: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and PATCH.
                .requestType(RequestType requestType)
                // content types: JSON and XML
                .contentType(ContentType contentType)
                // decode url if the url has spaces like %20%
                .decodedUrl(boolean decodedUrl)
                // add params to your request
                .params(Map<String, String> params)
                // add headers to your request
                .headers(Map<String, String> headers)
                // add json body as a body to your POST, PUT, DELETE and PATCH requests
                .bodyJsonObject(JSONObject bodyJsonObject)
                // OnNetworkRequestResponseListener is a listener that used to observe the success and error response
                .onNetworkRequestResponseListener(OnNetworkRequestResponseListener onNetworkRequestResponseListener);
  1. To fire the request after initializing it:
  1. To initialize image HTTP request and load the required image:
  // image url
  String url,
                // fall back image resource if the image url is not correct and there is an error occurred while downloading the image
                Integer fallbackResource,
                // loading image resource that is appeared during the download of the image 
                Integer loadingResource,
                // OnCompleteImageListener is a listener that used to observe the success downloaded bitmap
                OnCompleteImageListener onCompleteImageListener);
  1. OnNetworkRequestResponseListener is a observer that used to handle the response of network request calls:
OnNetworkRequestResponseListener() {
                    public void onSuccessResponse(String response, ContentType contentType, boolean isCached) {

                    public void onErrorResponse(String error, String message, int code) {

  1. OnCompleteImageListener is a listener that helps the developer to get the image bitmap if he/she makes an only image single request not a multiple image requests as in the recycler view adapter as an example.:
OnCompleteImageListener() {
                        public void onComplete(Bitmap bitmap) {