Security showcase

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This is sample application pointing some security related practices on Android device. SecurityShowcase architecture is Complete server-side endpoint implementation for this project is available on GitHub KoTiNode.MVVM based on Google's architecture component.

Android keystore

Android keystore basics

SecurityShowcase application contains example of using standard Android Security with the Keystore. All Android Keystore related stuff is bundled in KeystoreCompat library (available in this source code).

KeystoreCompat library should help to prevent pain when starting work with keystore from the official documentation or StackOverflow discussion. The main point of this library is to provide the same services for all backward (...Compat) supported API versions (19+). The backward support is something, what all available libraries and blog posts lacks!

KeystoreCompat variantReadmeJCenter
KeystoreCompat default (K+)KeystoreCompat
KeystoreCompat L+KeystoreCompat-elPlus
KeystoreCompat M+KeystoreCompat-emPlus