FCM toolbox

FCM toolbox

This public toolbox allows you to easily test and debug the Firebase Cloud Messaging service.

  • Send and receive FCM messages
  • Manage registered devices
  • Self-hosting capabilities

On the public toolbox versions, users share the same FCM and FRD instances, be responsible!

Android app

Download the latest public version on the Play Store or choose your release version.

  • Notify its presence and send its FCM token to a remote server
  • Issue a notification for each message
  • Retain all received messages


You can build your own version of the Android FCM toolbox app and provide your own google-services.json file.
See official documentation.

Web app

The public web app is located at https://fcm-toolbox-public.web.app

  • Send multiple types of payloads
  • Maintain a local list of devices
  • See online devices


You can host your own version of the web FCM toolbox or simply provide your own Firebase identifiers.
See official documentation.