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Sep 26, 2016
Sep 28, 2016 (Retired)
Bruno de Lima e Silva (brunodles)
Bruno de Lima e Silva (brunodles)
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Cexec Task - Custom Execute

This is a simple executor, sometimes the default exec task does not work as expected.

I wrote this simple task just to trigger some terminal commands from a gradle task. It may looks strange if you only know the basic gradle commands.

Try to imagine the following situations:

  • Run something before install the app on android. Like the development backEnd App, mocked Api or anything like thad. So we can use a task to do that for us.
  • Send a command to adb. I use it to clean app data.

I use the cexec task to do those tasks.

How to use

Add JitPack in your build.gradle.

buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }
    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.github.brunodles:cexec:-SNAPSHOT'

You can add this just before use, in your all level projectPath/app/build.gradle. Or in your root level projectPath/build.gradle. Suggested if you plan to use it in more than one module.

Create a Task

To Create a new task you just need to edit the code bellow.

task name(type: com.github.brunodles.cexec.Cexec) {
    description "<say something>" // <- this will appear when you list tasks for your project
    command "<command>" // <- the terminal command you want to run
    printCommand <true|false> // <- true if you want to see the command printed before it's execution. Useful if you have some complex command with variables.


This code just calls the ifconfig, to get information about the network

task ifconfig(type: com.github.brunodles.cexec.Cexec) {
    description "Just print something on screen"
    command "ifconfig"
    printCommand false

This code calls adb to clean the app data.

android.applicationVariants.all { variant ->
    task ("cleanAppData${}", type:com.github.brunodles.cexec.Cexec) {
        description "Clean app data on device"
        command "adb shell pm clear ${variant.applicationId}"

Shortening task type

If you have multiple tasks extending Cexec, you can do as follows.

In your build.gradle add the import line, before the first task, it can also be on the top of the file. Now yu can put only Cexec for the task type.

import com.github.brunodles.cexec.Cexec
task ifconfig(type: Cexec) {


You can contribute but showing your custom tasks, or submitting a new task. Issues are welcome, create one and we will discourse about it. If you saw any error, please reports, it will be a great help.


You can use any code you found here, some of then I found on the internet too.

I'm using the MIT Licence, take a look on Licence.

If you're using this plugin, please give me some credits too.



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