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Oct 8, 2016
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Bruno de Lima e Silva (brunodles)
Bruno de Lima e Silva (brunodles)
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SlackSender Plugin

A gradle plugin to send files to slack.

Sometime in your developer life, you will need to send files to slack. When this became a routine I wrote this plugin that does the work for me. With it we're able to create custom gradle tasks that sends some file.

This was built just to upload files, if you're looking for a plugin to send messages use this one, which is based on Java Slack-webhook.

How to use

App Token

First we need to generate a token for our app. Click on the buttom bellow to generate a token for you.

How to Install

To install this task is simple, it's released into Jitpack.

Go to your build.gradle and add the following, it can be on your root level or on app level:

buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }
    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.github.brunodles:SlackUpload:-SNAPSHOT'

Create your upload task

You can create a new task to upload the file you want.

task <your task name>(type: com.brunodles.slackupload.UploadTask) {
    token "<your token>" // required, A token to identify who you are and where to send. To create the token look above. Don't need to be filled if you you use the `tokenFile`.
    tokenFile "<path to your tokenfile>" // fill with the path to your token file. Don't use when `token` is filled.
    file "<path to your file>" // fill with the path to the file you want to send. Don't fill this if `content` is filled
    content "<content>" // fill with any content, in this case the content will be converted into a Snippet. Don't fill this if `file` is filled.
    fileType "<type>" // optional
    filename "<file name>" // optional, will be used on download the file
    title "<title for this file>" // optional, will be shown on slack
    initial_comment "<first comment>" // optional, the description of the file
    channels "<channel name>" // required, can be a channel or a private group


Just used to test the upload task.

task testSlack(type: com.brunodles.slackupload.UploadTask) {
    token "xoxp-11111111111-22222222222-33333333333-654asd645asd645sager654hge"
    file "build.gradle"
    channels "#general"

I built this task for the project I'm working on.

task sendQARelease(type: com.github.brunodles.slacksender.UploadTask, dependsOn: 'assembleRelease') {
    description "Send the apk to QA Channel on Slack"
    group "build"
    token "xoxp-11111111111-22222222222-33333333333-654asd645asd645sager654hge"
    file "app/build/outputs/apk/app-release.apk"
    channels "QA"
    initial_comment "*pr-${prNumber()}* -${prNumber()}"
    fileType "apk"
    filename "app-release${prNumber()}.apk"
    title getCurrentBranchCodeName()

Did you noticed the getCurrentBranchCodeName? It's a custom method inside my gradle file, so you can call it inside the task setup.

Protect you token

As I said on the description, this task post as you, won't be cool everyone posting as you on the slack. So you can read the token from a file. To do that just replace the token value by a file read operation project.file("token").text. To do that use the tokenFile property to setup your task. Like this

task sendQARelease(type: com.github.brunodles.slacksender.UploadTask, dependsOn: 'assembleRelease') {
    tokenFile "token"

Now add the file (token) into your .gitignore.

Plugin and Multiple upload tasks

When you have multiple upload tasks you can create a plugin extension in your project and apply the slackUpload plugin in you app level gradle file. root/app/build.gradle

apply plugin: 'com.github.brunodles.SlackUpload'
slackUpload {
    // choose one
    token "<your token>"
    tokenFile "<path to your tokenfile>" // <- this one is suggested

Just need to add this before your tasks.


Issues are welcome, create one and we will discourse about it. If you saw any error, please reports, it will be a great help.


You can use any code you found here, some of then I found on the internet too.

I'm using the MIT Licence, take a look on Licence.

If you're using this task, please give me some credits too.