Material CircularProgressView


v2.5.0 (Mar 17, 2016)
Nov 17, 2014
Oct 19, 2017 (Retired)
Rahat Ahmed (rahatarmanahmed)
Saad Farooq (saadfarooq)
Bruno Casali (brunoocasali)
Rahat Ahmed (rahatarmanahmed)
Pedro Adame (pedroadame)
Dániel Zolnai (dzolnai)
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Material CircularProgressView

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This CircularProgressView is a (surprisingly) circular progress bar Android View that is designed to imitate the Material versions of ProgressBar. These versions can be seen on this page of the Material design spec under Circular indicators.


To use CircularProgressView you must add it as a dependency in your Gradle build:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.rahatarmanahmed:circularprogressview:2.5.0'

Then add the view to your layout:

    app:cpv_indeterminate="true" />

That's all you need! If you don't want the CircularProgressView to automatically start animating, omit the app:cpv_animAutostart option and start it manually yourself:

CircularProgressView progressView = (CircularProgressView) findViewById(;

XML attributes

Name Type Default Description
cpv_progress float 0 The current progress of the progress bar.
cpv_maxProgress float 100 The maximum progress of the progress bar; what's considered as 100% of the bar.
cpv_thickness dimension 4px The thickness of the progress bar.
cpv_color color Theme's accent color. If not available, Material Blue 500 (#2196F3) The color of the progress bar.
cpv_indeterminate boolean false Whether this progress bar is indeterminate or not. If indeterminate, the progress set on this view will not have any effect.
cpv_animDuration integer 4000 The duration of the indeterminate progress bar animation in milliseconds. It is the duration of all "steps" of the indeterminate animation. (Indeterminate only)
cpv_animSwoopDuration integer 5000 The duration of the initial swoop of the determinate animation. (Determinate only)
cpv_animSyncDuration integer 500 The duration of the determinate progress update animation. When you use setUpdate(int), this is how long it takes for the view to finish animating to that progress. (Determinate only)
cpv_animSteps integer 3 The number of "steps" in the indeterminate animation (how many times it does the loopy thing before returning to its original position). It is recommended to use an odd number, as even numbers of steps look the same after half the number of steps.
cpv_animAutostart boolean false Whether this progress bar should automatically start animating once it is initialized.
cpv_startAngle float 0 The starting angle for progress bar. (Determinate only)

Public Methods

Name Description
isIndeterminate() Returns true if the progress bar is indeterminate, false if determinate.
setIndeterminate(boolean) Set whether this progress bar is indeterminate or not. Will reset the animation if the value changes
getThickness() Gets the thickness of the progress bar.
setThickness(int) Sets thickness of the progress bar.
getColor() Gets the color of the progress bar.
setColor(int) Sets the color of the progress bar.
getMaxProgress() Gets the maximum progress of the progress bar.
setMaxProgress(float) Sets the maximum progress of the progress bar.
getProgress() Gets the current progress of the progress bar.
setProgress(float) Sets the current progress of the progress bar. (Will linearly animate the update.)
startAnimation() Starts the animation of the progress bar. (Alias of resetAnimation().)
resetAnimation() Resets the animation of the progress bar.
stopAnimation() Stops the animation of the progress bar.
addListener(CircularProgressViewListener) Registers a CircularProgressViewListener with this view.
removeListener(CircularProgressViewListener) Unregisters a CircularProgressViewListener with this view.

Listener Events.

A CircularProgressViewListener class is available for listening to some events (as well as a CircularProgressViewAdapter).

Event Description
onProgressUpdate(float) Called when setProgress is called. (Determinate only)
onProgressUpdateEnd(float) Called when this view finishes animating to the updated progress. (Determinate only)
onAnimationReset() Called when resetAnimation() is called.
onModeChange(boolean) Called when you switch between indeterminate and determinate modes.

Known Issues

CircularProgressView flickers when phone is in battery saving mode

This happens because battery saving mode automatically ends all Animators, but the ones in CPV run in an endless loop. The best way to work around this right now is to use the native ProgressBar for API >21, since that is when the battery saver mode was introduced. See this issue comment on how to accomplish this.



  • Added stopAnimation() method
  • Fixed view animating while not visible. Setting visibility to GONE or INVISIBLE will stop the animation. Setting to VISIBLE will restart it.


  • Added cpv_startAngle attribute


  • Fixed CPV stopping when View is recycled


  • Fixed memory leak



  • Fixed ignoring the color #FFFFFF


  • Now it uses the actual theme's accent color if possible by default.


  • Fixed default thickness using 4px instead of 4dp


  • Possible fix for drawArc NullPointerError
  • Slight performance improvements


  • Removed unnecessary appcompat dependency from example
  • Fixed repaint issue by drawing smaller arcs


  • Initial release