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The FastAdapter is here to simplify creating adapters for RecyclerViews. Don't worry about the adapter anymore. Just write the logic for how your view/item should look like, and you are done. It's blazing fast, minimizing the code you need to write, and is easy to extend.

What's included ????Setup ????️Migration Guide ????Used bySample App

What's included ????


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  • Kotlin | v5.7.0
  • [Deprecated] Java && AndroidX | v3.3.1
  • [Deprecated] Java && AppCompat | v3.2.9

Provide the gradle dependency

The library is split up into core, commons, and extensions. The core functions are included in the following dependency.

implementation "com.mikepenz:fastadapter:${latestFastAdapterRelease}"
implementation "androidx.appcompat:appcompat:${androidX}"
implementation "androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview:${androidX}"

Expandable support is included and can be added via this

implementation "com.mikepenz:fastadapter-extensions-expandable:${latestFastAdapterRelease}"

Many helper classes are included in the following dependency.

implementation "com.mikepenz:fastadapter-extensions-binding:${latestFastAdapterRelease}" // view binding helpers
implementation "com.mikepenz:fastadapter-extensions-diff:${latestFastAdapterRelease}" // diff util helpers
implementation "com.mikepenz:fastadapter-extensions-drag:${latestFastAdapterRelease}" // drag support
implementation "com.mikepenz:fastadapter-extensions-paged:${latestFastAdapterRelease}" // paging support
implementation "com.mikepenz:fastadapter-extensions-scroll:${latestFastAdapterRelease}" // scroll helpers
implementation "com.mikepenz:fastadapter-extensions-swipe:${latestFastAdapterRelease}" // swipe support
implementation "com.mikepenz:fastadapter-extensions-ui:${latestFastAdapterRelease}" // pre-defined ui components
implementation "com.mikepenz:fastadapter-extensions-utils:${latestFastAdapterRelease}" // needs the `expandable`, `drag` and `scroll` extension.

// required for the ui components and the utils
implementation "${androidX}"

How to use

1. Implement your item

1a. Implement your item as usual (the easy way)

Just create a class which extends the AbstractItem as shown below. Implement the methods, and your item is ready.

open class SimpleItem : AbstractItem<SimpleItem.ViewHolder>() {
    var name: String? = null
    var description: String? = null

    /** defines the type defining this item. must be unique. preferably an id */
    override val type: Int
        get() =

    /** defines the layout which will be used for this item in the list */
    override val layoutRes: Int
        get() = R.layout.sample_item

    override fun getViewHolder(v: View): ViewHolder {
        return ViewHolder(v)

    class ViewHolder(view: View) : FastAdapter.ViewHolder<SimpleItem>(view) {
        var name: TextView = view.findViewById(
        var description: TextView = view.findViewById(

        override fun bindView(item: SimpleItem, payloads: List<Any>) {
            name.text =
            description.text =

        override fun unbindView(item: SimpleItem) {
            name.text = null
            description.text = null

1b. Implement item with ViewBinding (the easiest way)

class BindingIconItem : AbstractBindingItem<IconItemBinding>() {
    var name: String? = null

    override val type: Int
        get() =

    override fun bindView(binding: IconItemBinding, payloads: List<Any>) { = name

    override fun createBinding(inflater: LayoutInflater, parent: ViewGroup?): IconItemBinding {
        return IconItemBinding.inflate(inflater, parent, false)

Use the binding extension dependency in your application for this.

2. Set the Adapter to the RecyclerView

//create the ItemAdapter holding your Items
val itemAdapter = ItemAdapter<SimpleItem>()
//create the managing FastAdapter, by passing in the itemAdapter
val fastAdapter = FastAdapter.with(itemAdapter)

//set our adapters to the RecyclerView

//set the items to your ItemAdapter

3. Extensions

By default the FastAdapter only provides basic functionality, which comes with the abstraction of items as Item and Model. And the general functionality of adding/removing/modifying elements. To enable selections, or expandables the provided extensions need to be activated.

3.1. SelectExtension

// Gets (or creates and attaches if not yet existing) the extension from the given `FastAdapter`
val selectExtension = fastAdapter.getSelectExtension()
// configure as needed
selectExtension.isSelectable = true
selectExtension.multiSelect = true
selectExtension.selectOnLongClick = false
// see the API of this class for more options.

3.2. ExpandableExtension

This requires the fastadapter-extensions-expandable extension.

// Gets (or creates and attaches if not yet existing) the extension.
val expandableExtension = fastAdapter.getExpandableExtension()
// configure as needed
expandableExtension.isOnlyOneExpandedItem = true

For further details scroll down to the ExpandableItems (under advanced usage) section.

3. Click listener

fastAdapter.onClickListener = { view, adapter, item, position ->
    // Handle click here

4. Click listeners for views inside your item

// just add an `EventHook` to your `FastAdapter` by implementing either a `ClickEventHook`, `LongClickEventHook`, `TouchEventHook`, `CustomEventHook`
fastAdapter.addEventHook(object : ClickEventHook<SimpleImageItem>() {
    override fun onBind(viewHolder: RecyclerView.ViewHolder): View? {
        //return the views on which you want to bind this event
        return if (viewHolder is SimpleImageItem.ViewHolder) {
        } else {

    override fun onClick(v: View, position: Int, fastAdapter: FastAdapter<SimpleImageItem>, item: SimpleImageItem) {
        //react on the click event

5. Filter

// Call this in onQueryTextSubmit() & onQueryTextChange() when using SearchView
itemAdapter.itemFilter.filterPredicate = { item: SimpleItem, constraint: CharSequence? ->, ignoreCase = true)

filter() should return true for items to be retained and false for items to be removed.

6. Drag and drop

This requires the fastadapter-extensions-drag extension.

First, attach ItemTouchHelper to RecyclerView.

val dragCallback = SimpleDragCallback()
val touchHelper = ItemTouchHelper(dragCallback)

Implement ItemTouchCallback interface in your Activity, and override the itemTouchOnMove() method.

override fun itemTouchOnMove(oldPosition: Int, newPosition: Int): Boolean {
    DragDropUtil.onMove(fastItemAdapter.itemAdapter, oldPosition, newPosition) // change position
    return true

7. Using different ViewHolders (like HeaderView)

Start by initializing your adapters:

// Header is a model class for your header
val headerAdapter = ItemAdapter<Header>()

Initialize a Model FastAdapter:

val itemAdapter = GenericItemAdapter()

Finally, set the adapter:

val fastAdapter: GenericFastAdapter = FastAdapter.with(headerAdapter, itemAdapter) //the order defines in which order the items will show up
// alternative the super type of both item adapters can be used. e.g.:

8. Infinite (endless) scrolling

Create a FooterAdapter. We need this to display a loading ProgressBar at the end of our list. (Don't forget to pass it into FastAdapter.with(..))

val footerAdapter = ItemAdapter<ProgressItem>()

Keep in mind that ProgressItem is provided by FastAdapter’s extensions.

recyclerView.addOnScrollListener(object : EndlessRecyclerOnScrollListener(footerAdapter) {
     override fun onLoadMore(currentPage: Int) {
  // Load your items here and add it to FastAdapter

For the complete tutorial and more features such as multi-select and CAB check out the sample app.

Advanced Usage


  • As of v2.5.0 there are no more known requirements to use the FastAdapter with Proguard


The FastAdapter comes with support for expandable items. After adding the dependency set up the Expandable extension via:

val expandableExtension = fastAdapter.getExpandableExtension()

Expandable items have to implement the IExpandable interface, and the sub items the ISubItem interface. This allows better support. The sample app provides sample implementations of those. (Those in the sample are kept Model which allows them to be used with different parent / subitems)

As of the way how SubItems and their state are handled it is highly recommended to use the identifier based StateManagement. Just add withPositionBasedStateManagement(false) to your FastAdapter setup.

A simple item just needs to extend from the AbstractExpandableItem and provide the ViewHolder as type.

open class SimpleSubExpandableItem : AbstractExpandableItem<SimpleSubExpandableItem.ViewHolder>() {


// See the SimpleSubExpandableItem.kt of the sample application for more details.


Used by

Mike Penz:

Developed By


This free, open source software was also made possible by a group of volunteers that put many hours of hard work into it. See the file for details.

Special mentions

A special thanks to the very active contributors who added many improvements to this library.


Copyright 2021 Mike Penz

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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