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Magneto was built by Automation Engineers for Automation Engineers out of necessity for a mobile centric test automation framework that's easy to setup, run and utilize. At EverythingMe, we went through many open source solutions but none felt fast, easy and hassle free.

Magneto is written in Python for Android devices. It utilizes the uiautomator tool via a Python wrapper and pytest as a test framework.

Magneto can be triggered from CLI, IDE and CI.

Quick start

$ pip install magneto
$ magneto init calc
$ magneto run tests/

Required params:

Option Description
<TEST_DIR> Test file directory path. Usually ui_tests (Required)
--app-package <APK_PACKAGE_NAME> Tested app package name. e.g. --app-package com.facebook.katana
--app-activity <APK_ACTIVITY> Tested app activity string. e.g. --app-activity com.facebook.katana.LoginActivity


Full documentation at


We invite you to use Magneto to test your Android products, to open issues, to request features, to ask questions and submit your own Pull Requests.

Leading contributors: