2.0.0 (Jul 17, 2015)
Dec 20, 2014
Oct 9, 2015 (Retired)
Marc Schäfers (madcyph3r)
RichardManSheng (jjhesk)
Marc Schäfers (madcyph3r)
Jakub Jeřábek (jakubjerabek)
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A Gmail-like Material Drawer implementation

Based on neokree's MaterialDrawer library, but they are not the same. I have made many improvments, changes and added a lot of new features. Big thanks to neokree, without him this library would not exist.

Main Features:

Different Drawer types

  • HeadItem (f.e. screenshot 1)
  • No header (f.e. screenshot 6)
  • Only Image in header (see example tool)
  • Create your own header style (screenshot 7)

Head Item (Account):

  • Unlimited Head-Items (Accounts), tested with 100 Head-Items
  • Head-Item listeners for Avatar or Background taps
  • Adding and removing Head-Items at runtime
  • Every Head-Item can have its own menu
  • Create your own Head-Item style (Custom Head-Item)
  • Or no Head-Item, if you need only the menu


  • Menu with unlimit Menu-Items
  • Adding and removing Menu-Items at runtime
  • Only icon menu (screenshot 8)
  • Available Menu-items:
    • Labels
    • Divider
    • Normal Sections
      • can call new fragment, activity or implements own onClick
      • with and without icon
      • with notification number
    • Only Icon
      • can call new fragment, activity or implements own onClick
    • Bottom-Sections
      • same as normal section
    • Custom Sections ! (add your own section implementation, like a checkbox etc.) see screenshot 5

Fully themeable (screenshot 11)


  • Drawer can be over and below the toolbar
  • Tablet support
  • Toolbar overflow support, so a image can be your background. (screenshot 9)
  • Many many more: Setting your own Fragment on Start, etc. Play with the example app ;).
  • The screenshots doesn't show all functions, you can do many more with the lib.

Write your own header Class

Many Many more

Live Demo (Lib-Version 2.0.0 (17.07.15))

You can test the example application in your web browser.

Example APK (Lib-Version 2.0.0 (17.07.15))

or on the play store (Lib-Version 2.0.0 (17.07.15))


repositories {
    maven { url '' }

dependencies {
    compile 'de.madcyph3r:materialDrawer:2.0.0@aar'


compile ''
compile 'com.nineoldandroids:library:2.4.0'


There are a lot of examples with explanations, how to use the library, here is a small example with one Head-Item. You will get the result from screenshot 1. You see, it's easy :)

public class HeadItemOneActivity extends MaterialNavHeadItemActivity {

    MaterialNavigationDrawer drawer = null;

    protected boolean finishActivityOnNewIntent() {
        return false;

    protected int getNewIntentRequestCode(Class clazz) {
        return 0;

    public void init(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        drawer = this;

        // information text for the fragment
        Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
        bundle.putString("instruction", "This example shows the head item style.");

        Fragment fragmentInstruction = new FragmentInstruction();

        // create menu
        MaterialMenu menu = new MaterialMenu();
        menu.add(new MaterialItemSectionFragment(this, "Instruction", fragmentInstruction, "Head Item Style (One Item)"));
        menu.add(new MaterialItemSectionFragment(this, "Section 1", new FragmentDummy(), "Section 1"));
        menu.add(new MaterialItemSectionFragment(this, "Section 2", new FragmentDummy(), "Section 2"));
        menu.add(new MaterialItemSectionFragment(this, "Section 3", new FragmentDummy(), "Section 3"));

        // create Head Item
        // use bitmap and make a circle photo
        final Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.yourAvatar);
        final RoundedCornersDrawable drawableAppIcon = new RoundedCornersDrawable(getResources(), bitmap);
        MaterialHeadItem headItem = new MaterialHeadItem(this, "My HeadItem", "My Subtitle", drawableAppIcon, R.drawable.yourBackground, menu);

        // load menu

        // load the first MaterialItemSectionFragment from the menu

    public void afterInit(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


From <= 1.1.4 to 2.0.0

I have changed a lot of names and methods. Sorry for that. But now its a lot easier to use this library. The methods name and parameters make more sense. Better abstraction level for the menu items and drawer types. A really better code understanding. Please look in the examples, for the code changes. Then edit your code to the new code base.


  • If you've found an issue, look up the open issues and submit a new one if it isn't yet reported.
  • If you like the library press the star ;)
  • A Wiki with some Introduction will come soon.