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Replacement for Android's EditText, which allows user to input text with formatting. Features: * Bold * Italic * Underline * Text color * Text background color * Bullets * Numbered list * Inline image

Jan 26, 2024

An Android library which provides HTML support for Jetpack Compose texts.

For the time being, the composable Text layout doesn't provide any HTML support. This library fills that gap by exposing the composable HtmlText layout, which is built on top of the Text layout and the Span/Spannable Android classes.

Jan 31, 2022

An android asynchronous preview of a webpage from its link.

Mar 22, 2020

A Report Table for Android Projects.

Jul 1, 2019


Converts a simple html page in to A RecyclerView with Native android widgets powered by Jsoup library and inspired by Medium Textview

Note this is under development and unstable

Sep 2, 2018

Kotlin Wrapper for Jsoup using Pojo and Delegated Properties like bindText, bindAttr, bindImage, bindLink, bindList, bindClass

Aug 26, 2017

Jspoon is a Java library that provides parsing HTML into Java objects basing on CSS selectors. It uses jsoup underneath as a HTML parser.

Aug 22, 2017

Using Html to render Android native view.

Other than Webview, HtmlNative directly parses HTML and CSS into Android native views, which will:

  • Reach better user-expirence by native widgets
  • Make UI dynamic, no need to release new version of application
  • Easy to write html and css
  • Define your own html tag
  • Support script of Lua, by which you can control the logic inside of this view.
Jun 15, 2017

Use Java Annotations to accelerate your web scraping with Jsoup!

May 7, 2017

A simple API-like from html website (scrapper) for Android.

Mar 4, 2017

There is a lovely method on the android.text.Html class, fromHtml(), that converts HTML into a Spannable for use with a TextView.

However, the documentation does not stipulate what HTML tags are supported, which makes this method a bit hit-or-miss. This small library provides a fluent API for building valid HTML for android.widget.TextView.

Dec 27, 2016

GSON analog for serialization/deserialization of Java objects into HTML code and back.

Sep 13, 2016

HTML Content (Article) Extractor for Android - fork of Goose by Gravity Labs.

Aug 17, 2016

A fast and easy to configure HTML Sanitizer written in Java which lets you include HTML authored by third-parties in your web application while protecting against XSS.

Jul 5, 2014

Library for working with real-world HTML. It provides a very convenient API for extracting and manipulating data, using the best of DOM, CSS, and jquery-like methods.

Jul 5, 2014

Jericho HTML Parser is a java library allowing analysis and manipulation of parts of an HTML document, including server-side tags, while reproducing verbatim any unrecognised or invalid HTML. It also provides high-level HTML form manipulation functions.

Jul 5, 2014

HtmlCleaner is open-source HTML parser written in Java. For the given HTML document, HtmlCleaner reorders individual elements and produces well-formed XML.

Jul 5, 2014