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KStateMachine is a Kotlin DSL library for creating finite state machines (FSM) and hierarchical state machines (HSM).

Jan 2, 2022

UI driven state machine for Android & JVM that will exterminate your bugs.

Apr 1, 2020

HAL is a non-deterministic finite-state machine for Android & JVM built with Coroutines and LiveData.

Jul 1, 2019

State Container for Kotlin and Android.

The name comes from cascade, a waterfall, which reflects the objective of the library to make flows easier with unidirectional data flow. Inspired by MVI or Model View Intent.


  • Coroutines
  • RxJava
  • LiveData
Jan 5, 2019

An observable Finite State Machine for Java.

Useful when you have a number of distinct states, with some optional state transitions, and associated actions.

For example, you may have states ON_CALL and OFF_CALL, with triggers START_CALL and END_CALL, with an assocoated action to print the call length when END_CALL is received.

Nov 26, 2016

EasyFlow is a simple and lightweight Finite State Machine for Java

With EasyFlow you can:

  • implement complex logic but keep your code simple and clean
  • handle asynchronous calls with ease and elegance
  • avoid concurrency by using event-driven programming approach
  • avoid StackOverflow error by avoiding recursion
  • simplify design, programming and testing of complex java applications
Nov 25, 2016

TinyMachine is fun to use finite-state machine. It helps you to write compact and clearly structured code when used in event-driver programming. No deep if-else or switch-case statements, no static state transition tables, no complex, hard to understand models. Just clearly structured state handling and transition logic. This is what TinyMachine is.

Jul 11, 2016

Yet, another light weight Java FSM library. This library follows the idea from Google AutoValue. It generates a subclass that handles states.

Sep 28, 2015