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CWAC-Presentation: Second Screens Supported Succinctly

This project offers a series of classes that wrap around the Presentation and DisplayManager of Android 4.2.

Dec 21, 2014

Once you start tugging on the thread of the master-detail pattern, you quickly realize that there are many other design patterns that Google recommends that would affect your implementation, such as using contextual action bars (a.k.a., action modes) for operations on content. Getting all of this design guidance to work, and dealing with classic Android challenges like configuration changes, results in a lot of infrastructure code, before you even begin to start writing actual business logic for the app.

This library is designed to supply that infrastructure code, leaving you free to focus more on what makes your app unique or otherwise important.

Dec 15, 2014

Library for handling Kiosk Mode in your Android Application. It restricts device to be using only one activity without possibility to switch to other app.


  • Run activity of you choice in kiosk mode
  • Blocks every application from going into foreground with activity manager
  • Handles home button by being a Launcher App
Dec 14, 2014