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This is a Customer support chat library built using Smack API that you can add to your Android applications.

Once I was in search of a customer support chat library that I could embed in my Android app easily without writing much code and without taking much time. I couldn't find any. So later I made this library to accomplish that task. Try using it. Try experimenting with it.

How it works?
You need to enter your XMPP server details, details of your user's XMPP account and XMPP id of the customer support executive sitting somewhere else on an XMPP client. The library opens a chat window for your app user and the customer support executive to chat.

Jun 6, 2017

Smack is an open source, cross-platform, easy to use, Java XMPP client library.

A pure Java library, it can be embedded into your applications to create anything from a full XMPP client to simple XMPP integrations such as sending notification messages and presence-enabling devices. Smack and XMPP allows you to easily exchange data, in various ways e.g. fire-and-forget, publish-subscribe, between human and non-human endpoints.

May 20, 2015

aSmack - build system for Smack on Android.

This repository contains a source fetching, patching and building script. As well as all the minor changes to make an Android version fly.

Sep 1, 2014