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Sample Android application show how to set auto scroll in text view.

Nov 30, 2015

AutosizeEditText for Android is an extension for native EditText that offers a smooth auto scaling for text.

Oct 16, 2015

It allows you to instruct a TextView to let the text size expand or contract automatically to fill its layout based on the TextView's characteristics and boundaries. This setting makes it easier to optimize the text size on different screens with dynamic content.

Feb 25, 2018

AutoTypeTextView is simple library which add encryption, decryption and texting animations.

Sep 8, 2016

Working with Spans is ugly and difficult to manage, it's like working with a goblin of Moria. Don't understand the Spans? With AwesomeText you will only have to work with the classic Adapter Pattern. All the ease and potential of a pattern you already know how to use.

Feb 17, 2015

BabushkaText is a custom TextView which lets you customize the styling of parts of your text via Spannables, but without the hassle of having to deal directly with Spannable themselves.

Dec 1, 2014

Convert certain types of text pattern to Bangla text, i.e. Number, Date, Ordinal Indicator, Month, Year and more.

May 27, 2018

This library allows to format bank card number automatically, adding a space after every four symbols.

Jul 11, 2016

A less buggier and customizable way to handle URLs in TextViews.

Oct 4, 2016

An interesting EditText with pretty animation.

Dec 3, 2015

A TextView that blinks, just like the good old HTML <blink> tag.

May 25, 2015

Block EditText is a library provide an input view present in multiple block style that common use in TAC or credit card field.

Jun 25, 2018

EditText component which shows bouncy hint.

May 28, 2015

Simple BubbleTextView.

Aug 5, 2015

This is a simple customisation of the TextInputLayout found in the Design Support Library.

Dec 14, 2016

An Android EditText for phone numbers.

May 5, 2016

A Twitter style post length counter which can be bound to an EditText and provide callbacks when hitting a max character count.

Once bound to an EditText the characters remaining will go down as the user types. If the user goes over the max limit you will get notified and the view will show how much they are over.

Feb 24, 2017

A simple and flexible Checked TextView or Checkable TextView written in Kotlin.

Jul 17, 2019

Chips EditText Library for Android.

Nov 16, 2014

This is a fork of Google's chips library.

Jan 19, 2015

A circular text view for Android Marshmallow.

Dec 25, 2016

Change color of words (or substrings) into a TextView.

Sep 13, 2016

ColorTextView allows to mark some phrase with colors.

Oct 23, 2016

An android library that is able to set a vector drawable at text view pre-Lollipop.

Jun 5, 2017

A tiny Android library makes very easier count animation of TextView.

Mar 22, 2016

It is a standard TextView subclass driven by RxJava Observable.interval towards defined numerical target, which you can specify either by standard setTarget(long target) or you can tie it to your Rx stream via public Action1<Long> targetAction() (RxJava1) or Consumer<Long> targetConsumer() (RxJava2) respectively.

Nov 13, 2017

Animated value change on a TextView made easy. Just call setValue(float value) on a CountingTextView and watch the magic happen.

Oct 7, 2015

The CreditsRoll library allows you to have Star Wars-like credits rolls in your app.

May 25, 2015

CurrencyEditText is an extension of Android's EditText view object. It is a module designed to provide ease-of-use when using an EditText field for gathering currency information from a user.

Feb 9, 2016

This is an alternative for android default CheckedTextView widget.

Aug 24, 2015