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AVLoadingIndicatorView is a collection of nice loading animations for Android.

Oct 26, 2015

Android loading animations.

Mar 22, 2016

A beautiful, slim Android ProgressBar.

Aug 10, 2014

Small library allowing you to make a smooth indeterminate progress bar. You can either user your progress bars and set this drawable or use directly the SmoothProgressBarView.

Jul 5, 2014

CircleProgress contains CircleProgress, DonutProgress, ArcProgress. It is inspired by NumberProgressBar and CleanMaster.

Nov 16, 2014

materialish-progress is a material style progress wheel compatible with 2.3.

Nov 19, 2014

A progress wheel for android, intended for use instead of the standard progress bar.

Jul 5, 2014

Listen the progress of downloading and uploading in Okhttp (compatible Retrofit and Glide).

Jun 10, 2017

Material design ProgressBar with consistent appearance on Android 4.0+.

Jun 8, 2015

An circle view, similar to Android's ProgressBar. Can be used in 'value mode' or 'spinning mode'.

Jul 23, 2015

An implementation of ProgressHUD for Android, similar to MBProgressHUD, SVProgressHUD.

Jan 3, 2016

StoriesProgressView is showing horizontal progress like instagram stories.

Jul 21, 2017

A Circle View containing Title and Subtitle.

Aug 11, 2014

Android CatLoadingView.

Apr 2, 2016

"Step by step" indicator.

Jun 24, 2016

A simple animated step view for Android. Backward and forward animation is supported.

Nov 14, 2017

WaveView for android.

Sep 1, 2015

Lemniscate is a library that will help you to make your progress view nice and sleek.

Jan 24, 2017

A vertical sequence UI component for Android. Animates a progress bar to the first active step in the sequence and then periodically runs a pulse animation on that step.

Jun 23, 2018

Android-RoundCornerProgressBar is a colorful progress bar with round corner on progress which you can customized.


  • Round value configurable (recommend dp) for a corner of progress bar
  • Color changeable for a progress
  • Adjust padding range between progress bar and progress or between image icon and progress
  • Easy, easy and easy to use

Jan 14, 2015

Add a circular progress bar to any existing fab.

Apr 25, 2016

A progress view. It is similar to the Fitbit application's progress bar.

Jul 13, 2017

Android Library to implement stacked horizontal progressbar.

May 7, 2016

AnimatedLoadingIndicator is a animated Progress Dialog.

Apr 21, 2017

Simple but customizable view for displaying progress

Apr 11, 2018

Helper library about Showing and stopping a progress in the ActionBar.

Aug 22, 2014

A simple progress indicator (or chart widget) for Android.

Jun 18, 2017

An elegant context-care loading placeholder for Android.

Oct 12, 2016

A progress bar library for Android that provides customized progress bars with different designs.

Jul 23, 2019

PageLoader is a simple android library for loading page with easy customization.

Dec 3, 2016