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This project shows several animations:

  • Stepper animation - Card that will flip right or left depending on where you tap
  • Heart animation - Heart jumping animation with shadow
  • Progress animation - Standard progress animations with 3 dots
  • Wave animation - Recording button with infinite waves
Jan 26, 2022

A simple example of Jetpack compose animations.

Jan 17, 2022
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This is an Android sample project that shows how to implement android transition motion like on one beautiful Dribbble shot.

Sep 9, 2018

Here you can learn how i implement these amazing transformations on ViewPager.

Mar 18, 2018

A Login Page and dashboard concept with awesome transition animation.

Nov 18, 2017

A demo that shows how to implement chained spring animation on Android.

Sep 11, 2017

Project that demonstrates the entire animation stack present in the Uber app.

Aug 28, 2017

Dynamic-animation is a new module introduced in revision 25.3.0 of the Android Support Library. It provides a small set of classes for making realistic physics-based view animations.

Apr 23, 2017

This demo emulates the animation of the circles which are present in Apple Music iOS app. Unfortunately, Apple Music Android app doesn't come with such animations. So i tried my hands and made it for Android. The initial version of the animation covers the most important functionalities of that.

Apr 8, 2017

Google Primer Intro Animation.

Mar 31, 2017

Facebook-like "Like with Reaction" demo for Android

Mar 31, 2017

Implementation of List to Grid: Icon Transition.

Icon Transition x3 slower:

Feb 17, 2017

This is an implementation of web feedback animation UI.

Feb 12, 2017

Android Studio Project using Support Library focused on get Google Maps 3 states behavior including background image parallax and toolbars animations.

Jan 4, 2017

This example basically includes:

  • Intent sharing between activities of views with animation
  • Swipe layout on item details and blur background like whatspp on sliding
  • Float action Menu
  • UI with searching functionality
Jan 4, 2017

A demo of animation show how turn viewpager into detail.

Dec 11, 2016

A Java library that adjust interpolator dynamically (inspired by Facebook Rebound).

Dec 3, 2016

Material Animations practice.

Nov 8, 2016

A quick settings tile to quickly set the animator duration scale.

Oct 4, 2016

Simple example for flip animation.

Sep 19, 2016

A cool material sign up transition.

Aug 20, 2016

Animate is a simple application to demonstrate meaningful motion on Android. This application takes a look at a bunch of different Material Style animations.

Aug 10, 2016

Demo project with drawing animation.

Dec 6, 2015

Set of samples of views with slick interaction patterns and animations.

Oct 9, 2015

Cat photos app for Material Design Animation training.

Aug 11, 2015

AppIntroAnimation is a set of code snippets to make cool intro screen for your app with special Image Translation and Transformation animation effects. It is very easy to use and customize without adding third party library integrations.

Aug 3, 2015

This Android project samples some Material Design-ish transitions for list items and floating action buttons. It uses the the shared element concept introduced in Android 5.0.

Jul 30, 2015

A demo of various animation in latest PlayGames app using the Transition framework of Android.

Jun 2, 2015

Android Transition animations explanation with examples.

May 26, 2015

Samples of Material Animation.

May 22, 2015