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AirTube is an easy to use networking library for Android and Java creating a distributed peer-to-peer overlay mesh network with service discovery and asynchronous message-oriented end-to-end connectivity. By combining these three main features into a small and dedicated library, AirTube frees application developers from worrying about networking details like topologies, IP addresses and port numbers, and simply lets them discover "services" and receive data from it, be it local, remote or anywhere in the global AirTube overlay mesh "cloud".

Feb 21, 2015

An asynchronous callback-based Http client for Android built on top of Apache’s HttpClient libraries. All requests are made outside of your app’s main UI thread, but any callback logic will be executed on the same thread as the callback was created using Android’s Handler message passing.

Jul 5, 2014

Provides a simple way for handling connectivity change events.

Nov 15, 2015

Android InMemory and persistent Cookie Store for HttpURLConnection and OkHttp, with extensions to easily sync cookies in Android WebViews.

Dec 29, 2019

Easily monitor remote hosts and ports reachability on Android.

Oct 12, 2015

Android Http Client is a small library to make requests to any internet service simple and practical way. You can implement multiple interfaces for the management of the responses. It also includes interfaces for managing upload and download of files.

Jan 4, 2017

Collection of handy networking tools for Android.

  • Ping
  • Port Scanning
  • Subnet tools (find devices on local network)
  • Wake-On-Lan
  • & More :)

Feb 6, 2016

Android Networking is a powerful library for doing any type of networking in Android applications which is made on top of OkHttp Networking Layer.

Jun 10, 2016

Easily upload files in the background with automatic Android Notification Center progress indication.

Jul 19, 2015

Android Promise wrappers for Apache Http client.

Sep 4, 2016

Apache Commons Net library implements the client side of many basic Internet protocols. Supported protocols include: FTP/FTPS, FTP over HTTP, NNTP, SMTP(S), POP3(S), IMAP(S), Telnet, TFTP, Finger, Whois, rexec/rcmd/rlogin, Time (rdate) and Daytime, Echo, Discard, NTP/SNTP.

Jul 5, 2014

Async Http Client library purpose is to allow Java applications to easily execute HTTP requests and asynchronously process the HTTP responses. The library also supports the WebSocket Protocol. The Async HTTP Client library is simple to use.

Jul 5, 2014

Asynchronous socket (client+server) communications.

Feb 16, 2019

An android restful api/networking library using okhttp library as backbone.

Oct 16, 2017

AutoRefreshNetworkConnection is a library that gives you a very simple code and easy to use it. It can handle your tasks when the device connected or disconnected from internet (wifi or mobile data) by using observer pattern.

Jul 18, 2019

Blaubot is a middleware to create small adhoc networks via P2P connections such as Bluetooth-RFCOMM, Adhoc-WiFi or simple socket connections. Blaubot takes care of device discovery and connection establishment with the goal to minimize a developer's boilerplate code to set up these small networks.

Jun 17, 2015

BonjourConnect searches for a network connection if a specific type (e.g. _my_service_typw._tcp) and returns information about the server and port that can be used to connect to the server.

May 12, 2019

A Cacheable Network Library For Android Application


The total scenario of A network calling is to communicate with server then get back the result. So, to handle this two action using this library you need to instantiate ApiAdapter class to perform A network call and invoke NetworkResponse interface to receive the results (to receive both error and success message).

Jul 1, 2018

A Java library that implements the UPnP Device Architecture 1.0. Use Cling Core to expose services with a UPnP remoting interface, or to write control point applications that discover UPnP devices and utilize their services.

Jan 6, 2015

By default OkHttp3 provides only in-memory implementation of CookieStore thus all the cookies won't survive for a long term changes. This is persistent cookie storage based on SharedPreferences.

Apr 30, 2017

Cosmos Browser allows the user to connect to the internet through the use of SMS. No data or WiFi required.

Jul 8, 2016

A library, based on Google's Volley library, that makes android HTTP requests easier and requires no boiler plate code that volley usually needs.

CustomVolleyRequester is used to make developer's lives easier. Making HTTP calls is a common requirement for most apps and we believe that using it does not require the developer to repeat the initialization process each time. With CustomVolleyRequester, all you need to do is specify the request fields needed for your request, give it the desired model class to be returned, and the library will deliver your model.

Oct 8, 2017

DMNetworking Library is a powerful library for doing any type of networking in Android applications which is made on top of AsyncHttpClient and Jackson JSON parser.

Jan 25, 2019

DownZ is an HTTP library that boosts networking in Android apps and makes it significantly easier and faster.

Nov 6, 2017

droidQuery is an Android port of jQuery, and is designed to be as syntactically alike as possible in Java.

Feb 9, 2015

As the name suggest, this Android library analyzes the network data information for any app in an android device.

Jul 18, 2016

A Simple Wrapper Class for Apache-commons FTPClient to Easily Upload/Download Any kind of File over FTP. This Library is targeted for novice developers and provides very minimalistic and easily understandable Interface for FTP usage.

Sep 16, 2015

This library makes it very easy to do http requests with the okhttp library.

Jul 30, 2018

An Easy to use retrofit based network/api call extension for android.

  1. No need to check internet connection before api call
  2. Easy to use
  3. Minimal configuration
  4. More readable code
Mar 8, 2019
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Android Volley Wrapper library to make networking easy, flexible and better.

Aug 24, 2015