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An adaptation of the JSR-310 backport for Android.

Jul 4, 2015

Matisse is a well-designed local image and video selector for Android. You can

  • Use it in Activity or Fragment
  • Select images including JPEG, PNG, GIF and videos including MPEG, MP4
  • Apply different themes, including two built-in themes and custom themes
  • Different image loaders
  • Define custom filter rules
Apr 22, 2017
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A robust, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library with annotation processing.

The library eliminates the need for writing most SQL statements, writing ContentValues for every table, converting cursors into models, and so much more.

Let DBFlow make SQL code flow like a steady stream so you can focus on your complex problem and not be hindered by repetitive code writing.

What sets this library apart: baked in support for multiple databases seamlessly, powerful and fluid builder logic in expressing SQL statements, annotation processing to enable blistering speed, ModelContainer classes that enable direct to database parsing for data such as JSON, and rich interface classes that enable powerful flexibility.

Nov 16, 2014