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A tiny Android library that makes a very simple horizontal ProgressBar with animation.

Feb 29, 2016

Android library makes using Shared Preference easier.


  • Support RxJava 2
  • Encrypt Data
  • Support Iterable
  • Build on top of repository design pattern
Feb 3, 2017

Loquacious is a library for managing localized resources remotely.

In simple terms, this library will:

  • Reduce the APK size
  • Let us have dynamic resources that can change whenever we want
  • Let us have dynamic resources indexed by the current system configuration (eg. localization)
  • Reduce the .arsc symbol table. Instead of having a lot of entries for each configuration, you will only have each item once in a default configuration (and they will be "created" on-demand).
  • Reduce the res/dir files. As now you should only define each resource once and empty (they will get downloaded at a later stage)
  • Letting the developer still retrieve their resources as usual (context.getResources().getX(R.X.whatever))
Nov 21, 2017