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Photo image selection activity set library.

Jan 13, 2015

Compatibility library for dealing with various device photo albums.

Jan 13, 2015

Patio is a compact Android view widget for selecting multiple images.

Nov 3, 2014

Useful library for selecting images and videos from sd-card. The library can be used to display images & videos in file view or folder view. File view shows all files whereas Folder view shows files categorized. All items are sorted according to date-time with latest item showing first.

Oct 2, 2014

Android library project for selecting/capturing multiple images from the device.


  • Allows taking pictures from camera as well.
  • Multi-selection of images from gallery.
  • Ability to select/capture images upto a specified limit.
  • Preview thumbnails of selected images.
  • No dependency.
Aug 27, 2014