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A bubble bicker library.

Mar 9, 2017

You can use like using just ImageView and you can get color from any images.

Mar 9, 2017

A customisable decimal and hexadecimal material picker view for Android.

Mar 8, 2017

Awesome Image Picker library will pick images/gifs with beautiful interface. Supports image or gif, Single and Multiple Image selection.

Mar 6, 2017

A custom ImageButton that invoke onClickListener only when touch is inside the circle not outside (rectangle area of button).

Mar 4, 2017

Android - FilePickerFilter Library.

Mar 1, 2017

A Horizontal picker library for android which supports both text and icons


  • Supports icons and text or a mixture of both as items of the picker.
  • Tap or scroll horizontally to select the items.
  • Supports drawables, selectors and text highlighting using selectors.
  • Selection change listener to monitor the current selected item.
Feb 27, 2017

Library for GIF results, preview, play, share everything at one place!

Feb 27, 2017

This project is for downloading items(songs, images etc) in Android using RxJava2. There are, however 2 conditions which I have set for downloading.

1) Only 2 items can be downloaded at a time. So even if the user clicks multiple items to download, only 2 of them will be actually downloaded at a time and the rest of the downloads will be en queued.

2) The download percent is shown to the user. But only if the difference between the current percentage and the previously shown percentage is greater than 5 percent.

Feb 25, 2017

A Circle SeekBar inspired by Android Holo ColorPicker.

Feb 18, 2017

This is a Decompiler that extracts the source code of an Android application (including XML files and image assets). Works directly from your android device.

Feb 16, 2017

This is a library for android app development. For making a shaped image and setting it on Image View this library will help you.

Feb 16, 2017

An example app to take screenshot/images of a particular view.

Feb 15, 2017

Two step picker dialog for Android that helps you easily pick nested data on android.

Feb 12, 2017

A collection of easy to use and extendable DialogFragment's. Futures easy result handling and persistance on rotation with a minimum of code.

Offers common dialogs like alert dialogs, input dialogs with suggestions and validations, filterable single- and multi-choice dialogs, color pickers, date and time pickers and more.

Feb 12, 2017

Show image as a popup on a click event or any event. Simply set the image as drawable and thats it! And also you can set width, height & background color as you want.

Feb 11, 2017

Espresso is a great tool to test our Android apps via instrumental tests. With them, we can mimic user actions like clicking a button, scrolling a list, selecting an item on a spinner or swiping on a pager. Then, we can assert that a text appears in the screen, an image is visible or invisible, or a button is enabled or not.

On the other hand, if you tried Espresso, you’ll agree that its API is not discoverable.

Barista introduces a discoverable API for the Espresso features. So, you and all the Android team will write instrumental tests with no effort.

Feb 11, 2017

Customizable Timeline View for Android, Create a simple timeline list with few lines of code. You can adjust the image, image size, line color and line size.

Feb 11, 2017

Library for multiple images capture as well as multiple image picker. UX/UI can be styled with any color relative to Material Design. Please do check for the latest version before integrating into your project. Latest version - 1.0.2

Feb 10, 2017

Ever get stuck with iOS image resources? Rather than write your own script, use this one to rename and move iOS image resources so they work for Android. Now converting iOS resources to Android ones is easy!

Feb 8, 2017