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A powerful, flexible and easy to use Video and Image compression library for Android.


It's usually said that "A picture is worth a thousand words". Images adds flair and beauty to our android apps, but we usaully have problems with these images due to thier large size. With SiliCompressor you can now compress and use your images more smoothly.


Due to the high resolution of our Smartphone cameras and cameras from other devices, Video files have become large in size and thus difficult for it to be shared with others on social apps, social media and even when we need to upload it on our server. With SiliCompressor you can now compress your video file while maintaining it quality.

Jun 27, 2017

A custom GLSurfaceView to show image with ripple effect using OpenGL.

Jun 26, 2017

Its a Date Range Picker View with animation and improved UI.

Jun 24, 2017

Extension of Android standard ImageView that lets the user scale the represented image and drag it around a pivot point defined as a fraction or a percentage.

Jun 18, 2017

Time picker for Android to type in a time.

Jun 14, 2017

A reactive layer on top of android palette (easy and hassle-free) using RxJava 2.

Jun 13, 2017

A utils class that help load image from content provider using glide.

Jun 13, 2017

A reactive layer on top of universal image loader (easy and hassle-free) using RxJava 2.

Jun 11, 2017

Photo Editor SDK contains a lot of features like edit, scale, rotate and draw on images like Instagram stories.

Jun 11, 2017

Color picker for v7 Preference Support Library.

Jun 11, 2017

An arc based android color picker library.

Jun 11, 2017

Custom EditText for entering Credit Card numbers, it'll also display the image of the card number type being entered (after entering the first two digits). And it supports adding a separator (spaces or dashes) after every four digits.

Jun 9, 2017

A fully customizable photo editor for your app. Integrate the PhotoEditor SDK into your own Android, iOS or Html5 app in minutes!

The PhotoEditor SDK provides a variety of tools and functions for creating photo applications for Android.

Jun 9, 2017

This lib will convert recycler view into horizontal picker. The selected item will centred and scaled up.

Jun 6, 2017

A simple customizable NumberPicker plugin for Android.

Jun 4, 2017

A light-weight android library that can be quickly integrated into any app to let users choose folder, also files (but esp built for folders).

Jun 3, 2017

CroPicker is album and image Picker Library for Android. Supports import a list of Albums and support multiple image selection.

Jun 2, 2017

Wiv - Multiple ImageViewer.

Jun 1, 2017

Simple progress with ImageView for Android.

Jun 1, 2017

Glide Image Slider Support JPG, PNG & GIF.

May 30, 2017