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0.1.1beta (Jul 1, 2017)
Apr 9, 2017
Feb 4, 2021
Angelo Moroni (chemickypes)
Angelo Moroni (chemickypes)
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Glitchy is an App to glitch your photo developed using Kotlin language.

The idea was to develop a simple App to improve my knowledge about Kotlin Programming Language, but later I decided to make it pretty and publish it, very soon, on the Play Store!

Project Design

There are three packages inside the project:

  • App package
  • Library package
  • App core package

Before start talking about the packages, it's important to point out that I used MVP pattern.

App package

In this package I put everything concerning Android App: eg:

  • Activities
  • Dialogs
  • Fragments
  • Adapters

In other words, the views of MVP pattern

Library package

Here, I put just classes to create glitch (and other image effects) from Bitmap and Byte Array

Two type of Effects

I have distinguished two types of effects:

  • JPEG effect: effects that work on jpeg compression
  • Canvas effect: effects that work on bitmap (don't mind compression)

App Core package

Presenters and Logic (my own mvp implementation contains logic aka model) are in this package.

Pay attention that there is a custom ImageView component that implements History and Glitch Views (of mvp). This component is critical to the application.

App Name

Glitchy name is temporary, but I think that it'll be the final one

App Design

It's too early talk about design. App misses main icon and color palette. So, I think is useless to show some screenshot of the application.


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