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May 25, 2018
Oct 28, 2020
Alexandr Minkin (Rasalexman)
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This is an android framework for build complex application with different architectures (MVC ready/MVP/MVVM/MVI ets). It's create on top of MVC pattern with powerful event system, constructor injection module and property delegation, also it support multi-core instances and animation changes between views (see example project for more information). The FlairFramework is easy to use, it's light-weight, extensible, flexible and it's has more simplier view lifecycle than Fragments and Activities

The start point for initialize framework is declare 'flair' instance in onCreate method in MainApplication file. But u can initialize framework in any part of your project such as MainActivity or any Context implementations

val flairCoreInstance = flair {
        registerCommand<MyCommand>(eventName) { MyCommand() }
        registerProxy<MyProxy> { MyProxy() }
        registerMediator<MyMediator> { MyMediator() }
    // you can define more than one core instance of flair by given the name
val flairSecondCore = flair(SECOND_CORE_NAME) {}

The second point or using 'Flair' is attach created core to single Activity class and root layout container (but u can no specify any root container and 'Flair' take it for you automatically as activity.window.decorView.findViewById(android.R.id.content)). Important thing: only one activity can be stored in one core of FlairFramework

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
        val showingAnimation = LinearAnimator()
        // or 
        // val rootContainer = frameLayout()
        // flair().attach(this, rootContainer).retrieveMediator<MyMediator>().show()


  1. 'flair' instance is a simple IFacade singleton instance as core functionality point
  2. SimpleCommand instances is a command pattern realisation. You can manipulate proxy objects from it's instance as like usecases by siquence one command to notification like registerCommand<MyCommand>(YOUR_EVENT_NAME) { MyCommand() }
  3. MacroCommands can combine more than one SimpleCommand and execute it one by one
  4. Proxy objects is a complex object that store data to manipulate with, it's like repository for ur network calls or database
  5. Mediator is a simple view-hierarchy handler class, it's store and manage life cycle of your view components such as AnkoComponents or xml-layout files. Also it support view backstack storage.
  6. Also you has LinearAnimator.kt for create simple view animation changes such as HorizontalAnimation, or u can extends LinearAnimator and create your own realisation.
  7. All components of a FlairFramework are linked together by a powerful messaging system. You can notify every part of your system by calling sendNotification(event, data) and subscribe on event by calling registerObserver(event) { INotification -> } in IMediator or execute another SimpleCommand (see example above). Mediator can notify commands, commands can notify mediators and another commands, proxy can notify mediators and another commands.

Mediators can handle notification by

class MyMediator : Mediator() {
  // called when medaitor is registered
  override fun onRegister() {
      // register notification for this IMediator instance
      registerObserver(eventName:String) {
            // event handler
  // the way to create UI
  override fun createLayout(context: Context): View = UserAuthUI().createView(AnkoContext.create(context, this)) 
  // or you can inflate you custom xml layout
  // override fun createLayout(context: Context): View = inflateView(R.layout.simple_layout) 
  class UserAuthUI : AnkoComponent<MyMediator> {
    override fun createView(ui: AnkoContext<MyMediator>) = with(ui) {
        verticalLayout {
            lparams(matchParent, matchParent)
            textView("HELLO WORLD")

Proxy object can recieve notification by linked commands as usecases

class MyProxy : Proxy<String>("data_to_store_in_proxy") {
    fun handleNotification() {
        Low.d("HELLO FROM PROXY")
//the command that controls the proxy
class MyCommand : SimpleCommand() {
    val myProxy by proxyLazy<MyProxy>()
    override fun execute(notification: INotification) {
         // or you can use inline functions
         // proxy<MyProxy>().handleNotification()

Register all components of Flair framework (Mediators, Proxies, Command) in any part of your application by calling lazy functions or inline functions like proxy(), proxyLazy(), mediator(), mediatorLazy() from reflection module since 1.5.+

You can use powerful feature from kotlin lang like lazy val instantiating, this is an example with custom constructor parameters. Important note: that since version 1.5.+ you need to add

class MyProxyWithParams(mediator:MyMediator) : Proxy<MyMediator>(mediator) {
    override fun onRegister() {

class MyMediator : Mediator() {
  // lazy proxy initialization with params
  val proxy:MyProxyWithParams by proxyLazy(this)
  // or
  // val proxy by proxyLazy<MyProxyWithParams>(this)
  fun showFuncyMVPHandler(){

Since verson 1.1.3 added new extension functions

fun IMediator.startActivityForResult(intent: Intent, requestCode: Int, options: Bundle?= null)
fun IMediator.requestPermissions(permissions: Array<String>, requestCode: Int)
fun IMediator.checkSelfPermission(permissionToCheck:String):Int
fun IMediator.shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale(permission: String): Boolean

and they callbacks:

class MyMediator : Mediator() {
    override fun onActivityResult(requestCode: Int, resultCode: Int, data: Intent?) {
            // do what ever you want with result data
    override fun onRequestPermissionsResult(requestCode: Int, permissions: Array<out String>, grantResults: IntArray) {
          // check if permission granted or not 

Since version 1.1.4 you can use FlairPagerAdapter for control viewPager with mediators

viewPager?.adapter = FlairPagerAdapter(
                listOf(mediator<PageOneMediator>(), mediator<PageTwoMediator>(), mediator<PageThreeMediator>()),
                listOf("TabOne", "TabTwo", "TabThree"))
class PageOneMediator : Mediator() {
// or you can inflate your view from xml by calling inflateView(R.layout.simple_layout)
    override fun createLayout(context: Context): View = with(context) {
        verticalLayout {
            lparams(matchParent, matchParent)

            textView("THIS IS A PAGE ONE MEDIATOR") {
                textSize = 14f
                textColor = Color.GREEN
            }.lparams {
                gravity = Gravity.CENTER_HORIZONTAL

Since version 1.5.0 - there are many new features and changes in framework:

  • The core version is under com.rasalexman.flaircore package and you need to add new packageimplementation 'com.rasalexman.flaircore:flaircore:1.5.+' into your build.gradle file
  • The reflection module included by implementing com.rasalexman.flairreflect:flairreflect:1.5.x and has all the reflection library features like constructor injection, lazy initialization and all the features that was at pre 1.5.+ (1.x.y).
  • Added new animations FadeAnimator, NextLinearAnimator, BackLinearAnimator.
  • Turned minSdkVersion = 19 )

See the sample project app for more complex information. Also code base has good comments and docs on every functions


// Core

// reflection module

// coroutines module


// standart multicore version (without reflection)
implementation 'com.rasalexman.flaircore:flaircore:2.y.z'

// reflection module (for use constructor injections and property injection)
implementation 'com.rasalexman.flairreflect:flairreflect:2.y.z'

// coroutines module 
implementation 'com.rasalexman.flaircoutines:flaircoroutines:2.y.z'


  • 2.0.0:
  1. Separate code packages to core functionality and extensions in package com.rasalexman.flaircore.ext.*
  2. IMediator.mediatorName is not a optional for better performance
  3. IProxy.data is not optional anymore but you can support optional like object : Proxy<String?>(null) {}
  4. All HashMap storages now changed to androidx.collection.ArrayMap
  5. Reduce memory leaks when call IFacade.remove() and clear core data
  6. IFacade.attach now take an activity: FragmentActivity as parameter
  • 1.5.7 - Code refactoring, less library size, changes data structures
  • 1.5.4 - Migration to AndroidX and new coroutines 1.3.3
  • 1.5.2 - Added new module flaircoroutines with Async task manager and coroutines manager
  • 1.5.1 - Added AppCompatActivity to

  • View.attachActivity(...) with activity fragmentManager.1.5.0:Separate FlairFramework packages to core and reflection modules. Now core module weight is less then 125 Kb and you don't need to worry about reflection library in your proguard file!!!Add example with GOOGLE LiveDataminSdkVersion come back to 17IMediator.isAddToBackStack - new property that means: does this mediator need to be added in backstack if you want to organize your own backstack)Added new animations - FadeAnimator, NextLinearAnimator, BackLinearAnimator.Many bug fixes and code improvements1.2.5fix bug with IView.checkSelfPermission(permissionToCheck: String)update kotlin version to 1.2.701.2.4added some useful extension functionsModel is final class now1.2.3:fixed bug in IView.hideMediator when pop curent Mediator after animation changedadded hashBackButton:Boolean to ToolbarMediatorminSdkVersion 19split inner classes from com.rasalexman.flairframework.core.animation.* to AnimationPreDrawListener, BaseAnimationListenerAdapter and added abstract class BaseAnimatorchanged MutableMap to ArrayMap for memory improvementsView.currentActivity is WeakReferencechanged MacroCommand.initializeMacroCommand from constructor to IController.registerCommandadded IMediator.onAnimationStart and IMediator.onAnimationFinishadded IMediator.removeMediatorDocs added, plus a lot of memory improvements and code refactoring.1.2.0:Change flair package name to com.rasalexman.flairframeworkAdded IMediator.startActivity(intent:Intend, bundle:Bundle? = null) for start another activity from mediators1.1.9 - added IMediator.removeObserver and IMediator.removeAllObservers to manually remove notification observers from mediator instance1.1.8 - Added bundle argument to IMediator, added one more lifecyrcle fun onPrepareView()1.1.7 - Added hardware back button support (see example in app)1.1.6 - fixed rotation bug with menu creation, many improvements1.1.5 - fix bug in View.kt clearAll()1.1.4 - added com.mincor.flairframework.common.adapters.FlairPagerAdapter1.1.3 - extension functions for permissions and activity