Looking for contributors to make this template even more better.

Pending Items:

  1. Rewrite to kotlin.
  2. Update dependencies.
  3. Implement new view holders, etc.


The main purpose of this repo is to reduce the boiler plate code used in RecylerView's for different views and use cases. Yeah! All you have to just mark the fields in the template wizards. Now, you're good to go.


This template supports RecyclerView customziations like list, grid, header, footer, header-footer, toggle, checkbox, radio, google play like RecyclerView and Section RecyclerView.

RecyclerView Style

The following are the different types of RecyclerView styles and pattern made from this template.

Simple RecyclerView (List & Grid)



Banner RecyclerView (List & Grid)



Header, Footer and Header-Footer RecyclerView (List & Grid)



Checkbox, Radiobutton, Toggle Switch RecyclerView (List & Grid)



Google Play Like RecyclerView

Section RecyclerView


  1. Download or clone this repo

  1. Rename the downloaded folder to RecyclerViewTemplate and copy the complete folder.

Paste the selected files into

For Mac

Go to Applications, Choose Android Studio, Right click and select Show Package Contents options.

Navigate to > Contents - Plugins - android - lib - templates - other - paste the downloaded RecyclerViewTemplate folder

For Windows

Go to C - Program Files - Android - Android Studio

C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\

Navigate to Plugins - android - lib - templates - other - paste the downloaded RecyclerViewTemplate folder


It is easy and pretty straight forward

  • Open your project in Android Studio.
  • Right click on your project root package.
  • Navigate to New - Other - RecyclerViewTemplate

Yeah! Cool! Now Template wizard is up, Just play with it to generate code snippets for your requirement.

Add on's

Hate working with FAB, toolbar, search, cardview, fragment, swiperefresh layout, pagination, divider, header, footer?

Now it's just a checkbox away. This template provides an option of enabling/disabling the states of add on's in an easy with checkboxes.


Yes of course there's a way for that too! According to the benchmark of this template there are more than 250+ combinations of RecyclerView's can be made without even writing a single piece of code. Still you can modify source of the template from RecyclerViewTemplate/root/src/app_package/ files.


Pull requests and contributions are most welcome.

Any type of RecyclerView on mind? You can always drop a mail!.

Credits and References?