Mar 19, 2016
May 6, 2018 (Retired)
Zahan Safallwa (zahansafallwa)
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2.0.0 Comes Finally

Approximately 8 months ago, I got an inspiration to creating something that can boom and show menu, which I named it Boom-Menu-Button, BMB. But at that time, I just a fresh-man in Android, knowing little about designing. The codes I wrote serveral months ago are ugly and performed low-efficient.

Between months, I always think about BMB and try to write a better design pattern for implements of BMB. My first try is BMB-iOS, which contains more family characteristics, for instance, buttons-alignment, text-inside/outside-button.

And now the BMB-Android 2.0.0 comes.

Gradle & Maven

compile 'com.nightonke:boommenu:2.1.1'


Or by link:

Boom V2.1.1 in Github

Boom V2.1.1 in Fir


Check the wiki to use BMB.

Documentation Chapters

  1. Basic Usage How to use BMB in just several lines of code?
  2. Simple Circle Button Add simple circle buttons with just an image for each to BMB.

  3. Text Inside Circle Button Add text inside circle buttons with a text and image inside for each to BMB.

  4. Text Outside Circle Button Add text outside circle buttons with a text and image outside for each to BMB.

  5. Ham Button Add ham buttons with with a title, subtitle and image inside for each to BMB.

  6. Share Style Make a share-style BMB.
  7. Custom Position Customize the number and positions of pieces and boom-buttons.

  8. Button Place Alignments Place all the buttons to anywhere on screen.

  9. Different Ways to Boom Different animations when the buttons boom or re-boom.

  10. Ease Animations for Buttons Use different and cute ease-animations for buttons.
  11. Different Order for Buttons Different order enum for boom-buttons.
  12. Other Animations Attributes for Buttons Delay, duration, rotate-degrees, frames...
  13. Click Event and Listener Listener for clicking each button or animation-states.
  14. Control BMB Boom or re-boom BMB programmatically.
  15. Use BMB in Action Bar How to put BMB in action bar?
  16. Use BMB in Tool Bar How to put BMB in tool bar?
  17. Use BMB in List Matters need attention when you need a BMB in list-view or recycler-view.
  18. Use BMB in Fragment Example for use BMB in fragment.
  19. Attributes for BMB or Pieces on BMB How to change the size or margins of dots on BMB?
  20. Cache Optimization & Boom Area What if I want BMB to boom in just its parent-view?
  21. Change Boom Buttons Dynamically Change Boom Buttons Dynamically.
  22. Fade Views Add faded views on BMB.

  23. Version History What's more for every version?
  24. Structure for BMB Structure for BMB when I designed it, for sharing and communicating.

Issues & Feedbacks

Try to tell me the bugs or enhancements about BMB, or contact me with / Before doing that, having a careful read on readme, wiki and issues is really helpful.

ReadMe for Version 1.0.9 or Below

If you still wanna use version 1.0.9 or below, you can find the README below:

English README 中文文档

But I strongly suggest you to use the newest version.

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