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Main functions and features:

  • More Animation effects of multiple Tab switching

  • Implements the effect of the middle button of the bottom navigation

  • Implements like Wechat icon filter and provide animation change.

  • Implements the red mark on the TabBar, and can drag

  • Provide listening to the click event, middle click and badge is dragged away the interface

  • Reference annotation method, construction TabBarItem




1.Introducing Gradle dependency

    repositories {

        compile 'com.jpeng:JPTabBar:1.4.0'

2.Add JPTabBar to your main interface layout


3.In your main interface using an array of variables to declare an array of variables, the internal reflection to generate TabItem, attention is:NorIcons are required, the length of each array should be consistent

    private static final String[] mTitles = {"页面一","页面二","页面三","页面四"};

    private static final int[] mSeleIcons = {R.mipmap.tab1_selected,R.mipmap.tab2_selected,R.mipmap.tab3_selected,R.mipmap.tab4_selected};

    private static final int[] mNormalIcons = {R.mipmap.tab1_normal, R.mipmap.tab2_normal, R.mipmap.tab3_normal, R.mipmap.tab4_normal};

Or, you can init in the oncreate

        mTabbar.setTitles(R.string.tab1, R.string.tab2, R.string.tab3, R.string.tab4)
                .setNormalIcons(R.mipmap.tab1_normal, R.mipmap.tab2_normal, R.mipmap.tab3_normal, R.mipmap.tab4_normal)
                .setSelectedIcons(R.mipmap.tab1_selected, R.mipmap.tab2_selected, R.mipmap.tab3_selected, R.mipmap.tab4_selected)

After above, the layout of the TabBar basically has been built. If you want to achieve Wechat kind of gradual change as there are automatically ViewPager to change the function of the page, only in the oncreate Activity method, adding a line of code:(Of curse,If you don't use ViewPager,You needn't use this method)

    //The parameters must be extends ViewPager

In addition, if you want to achieve the effect of the highlight button, you need to add the following code in the current widget of the XML, you can use getMiddleView method to get the view you custom in attribute.


Protruding button:

1.if you want to achieve the effect of a raised button, you first need to append the following node attribute to the XML control of layout, which represents your custom tabbar button layout

    jp:TabMiddleView="@layout/..." Java , you can get layout objects by the getMiddleView method, and you can optionally set the monitor for the layout inside the layout

    View middleView = mJPTabBar.getMiddleView();

3.make sure that the tabbar parent control uses RelativeLayout or FrameLayout as the root node because the highlighted button is added to the parent layout

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <!--Use RelativeLayout or FrameLayout --!>
    <!--TabBar --!>

Method and node description:

The Main Method Of JPTabBar:

     * Show the BadgeView With Text
     * default is false ,cannot drag
    public void showBadge(int position,String text);
     * It is the same with the up method,But the different is,
     * The Badge Can draggable when you use true.
    public void showBadge(int position,String text,boolean draggable);
      *Show the Circle point
    public void showCircleBadge(int pos);

     * Hide the OVAL Badge
    public void hideBadge(int position);

       * get if the badge  showing
    public boolean isBadgeShow(int index) 

     * Switch Tab page
    public void setSelectTab(int index);

     * Set the Observer of the Click Tab Event
    public void setTabListener(OnTabSelectListener listener);

     * set the CallBack of the Badge Dragging Dismiss
    public void setDismissListener(BadgeDismissListener listener);
      * get the TabMiddleItem View that you set in "TabMiddleView" attribute
    public View getMiddleView();
      * set TabItem title
    public void setTitle(int pos, String title)
      * get TabItem
    public JPTabItem getTabAtPosition(int pos)     

Attribute Explain:

Attribute Name Attribute Explain Parameter Type Default Value
TabNormalColor Font and icon of the normal color color 0xffAEAEAE(Gray)
TabSelectColor Font and icon of the selected color color 0xff59D9B9(Cyan)
TabTextSize the textsize of the bottom text dimension 14sp
TabIconSize the icon size of the tab dimension 24dp
TabIconFilter Set the icon change by the font color boolean true
TabTypeface set tabitems font typeface string null
TabMargin Set the icon distance above and below the distance from the text dimension 8dp
TabSelectBg Set the TabItem Selected bg color transparent
TabAnimate The animate type of the Tab Switch(None,Scale,Jump....) enum None
TabMiddleView The middle View of the tab layout
TabMiddleBottomDis Midlle icon bottomMargin from TabBar dimension 20dp
TabMiddleHMargin MiddleIcon both the left and right margin dimension 24dp
TabPressAnimateEnable enable press down TabItem animation effect boolean true
TabPageAnimateEnable enable page scroll animation boolean false
TabGradientEnable enable the alpha of the icon to change with the page boolean false
BadgeColor The background of the badgeView color #f00(RED)
BadgePadding The background expansion distance of the badge dimension 4dp
BadgeTextSize The textSize of the Badge dimension 10dp
BadgeVerticalMargin The badge vertical margin dimension 3dp
BadgeHorticalMargin The badge hortical margin dimension 20dp

Matters needing attention

1.If you have given setContainer TabBar, do not setOnPageChangeListener to ViewPager

    *If you already have the TabBar set up the container, 
    *and then call this method,
    *the kind of WeChat that drag the gradient effect and automatically switch the page will be invalid
    *If you want to listen to the page to change the event, you can use the TabListener

2.If you want to Disable the scroll of ViewPager,you can use NoScrollViewPager in my demo

3.The callback method of onInterruptSelect in OnTabSelectListener only interrupts the case of clicking on TabItem, and does not consider the page slide past and selected.

The existence problem:

1.About badge function can not drag, drag, disappear and so on, this problem occurred in a part of millet mobile phone model, the original author is Through the suspension window to achieve the explosive effect of badges, such mobile phones by default does not open the suspension window permissions 2.Flip animation failure problem, because HUAWEI Part 7 mobile phones do not support setRotationY and setRotationX,The Flip animation is called setRotationY

Update Log


  • Add the Bouncing of the Animation
  • Reverse don't click when have no Pager in the Adapter


  • Reverse the Bug of When the Pagers count of ViewPager less than or more than the count of tab
  • Add the Color FIlter to the Tab Icon When user Switch Tab
  • Add the Another init item method
  • solve the drawable in the same memory problem,Every time finish the activity,have no Icon show.


  • Remove the limit of the titles,You can set without titles
  • Fix the position of the badge again
  • Add some methods and Update some method's name


  • Add the title Filter
  • Remove the BadgeDraggable Attribute,and replace with the ShowBadge method
  • Add several methods to reduce the TabBar limit


  • Fix the problem of height and remove the TabHeight attribute
  • Fix BUG, when the app run gradient problem


  • Fix Bug,When setUseScrollAnimate (false), the slide TAB animation is not restored
  • Change the Filter and ScrollAnimate default is not open
  • Change the location of the Badge to the top of the level, in order to adapt to the screen adaptation


  • Fix the bug of Touch outside area not responseable in the MiddleIcon Click Event
  • Add some dymanic Methods in TabBar
  • Add Attributes in MiddleIcon set


  • Fix some problems or bugs.
  • Updated RotateAnimater
  • Add Custom Middle View to replace only Icon


  • Add another way to get the StatusbarHeight
  • Fix the bug of Customview Layoutparams


  • Add another Scale Animation
  • Add a new feature that tabbar's icon can display animtion when user pressdown or touchout tabbaritem
  • Fix some animations effects


  • Fix a crash when pressing down and not using animation
  • Update the default animation is None


  • adding methods of dynamically modified nodes
  • Modify the logical judgment of touch events (switch to other Tab ineminable badges)
  • Fix the error value in TabAnimate in attrs.xml
  • Exposing the TabItem interface, you can manipulate TabItem directly


  • Add the function of the font type for setting up TabItem
  • Add the onInterruptSelect callback method to determine whether or not the click event is interrupted
  • Remove methods and attributes that have little partial effect, such as message limit
  • Add the control to press down the animation effect switch
  • Add some TabBar methods, such as modifying a tab title, icons, and so on
  • Rename the two method names of setUseScrollAnimate setUseFilter and can be set by nodes

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