Android Studio File Types ( No Longer Maintained )

Android Studio Support for Additional File Types ( CSS & JavaScript )

Current File Types Added: ( adds support for Syntax Highlighting in Android Studio )

  • CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet )
  • JavaScript


  1. From Android Studio Menu, go to File -> Import Settings...
  2. Locate the settings.jar file from this repository
  3. From "Select Components to Import" make sure you have "File types" checked, then press OK


You can easily make updates to support new extensions by opening the Preferences menu and adding new Filetypes. Once you are done, you can export your new file types back to this project by going to:

  1. From Android Studio Menu, go to File -> Export Settings...
  2. Click the "Select None" option, and then tick ONLY the box next to "File types"
  3. Choose a location to export the file to, and then click OK


I have placed the unpacked settings.jar file in the root of this repository for those that want to know whats contained inside.