Dec 14, 2014
Apr 11, 2016 (Retired)
Modern Java Graphics (modern-java-graphics)
Michael Leahy (typhonrt)
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(4.10.16): Update for Android Studio 2.x+ / moved repos to modern-java-graphics organization. Moved Google Groups forum to modern-java-graphics. Lowered API level to 19 / Kitkat. Changed licenses for java6-android-glframework and java6-android-demoframework to MPL v2.0.

(1.1.15): I finally had a chance to do some refactoring this afternoon, so check out this post for more information.

A Google web forum is available to discuss anything related to this modern OpenGL utility framework. If you have questions or comments about modern OpenGL with Java for Android check out the web forum and post your question.

This repo provides a concise framework and helper utilities to leverage modern OpenGL/ES in Java for Android. The purpose is to inform developers, but also provide a testbed for cross-device testing between various mobile GPUs. This repo only contains utility code which can be used independently of the supplied demo code found in this repo java6-android-gldemos. The framework code provides concise utility code that makes working with OpenGL with Java easier and updates several utility classes like GLSurfaceView which has been "long in the tooth" in regard to the Android SDK utility code for OpenGL.

Device requirements: Android 4.4+ / OpenGL ES 3.0+

IDE requirements: Android Studio 2.x+ / build tools: 23.0.3

This framework requires the latest Android Studio 2.x+ developer setup. To install Android Studio please download it here

For full source code installation instructions refer to the wiki / install guide. In time an expanded wiki will illuminate the full power of modern OpenGL with Java for Android. Please stay tuned as this effort is taken on by Michael Leahy, the author, in his spare time.

If you found these demos useful consider checking out the TyphonRT Video Suite which is his next-gen photo / video engine technology for Android using OpenGL ES 3.0+ and hardware accelerated media encoding / decoding. Click the image below to check it out: